Morgan Cyr, Contributing Photographer

P595 Morgan Cyr, Maine USA

Morgan Cyr, Maine USA (P595)

Welcome to Morgan Cyr, our new Contributing Photographer!

Morgan comments, “I interned for Healing Photo Art this spring and it was a very pleasant experience. Elaine was always so welcoming and appreciative of the interns for the foundation. We went on visits to places around Florence that had just hung up photos in their healthcare settings. It was a truly amazing experience to see the impact art is able to have on well-being of individuals. It was clear that it had been well thought out what photos were chosen, as the foundation offers so many options to select from. I personally felt so moved by the art pieces that I decided to write reflections on my personal reactions to the art, which were later shared on social media. I also worked on making a video including some photos from the foundation shown alongside lovely harp music made by a friend of Elaine. Finally, I was given the opportunity to become a contributing photographer. I am beyond happy to now be making a lasting impact on the hospital settings that work with Healing Photo Art! On our last trip, Elaine was so kind to show us some amazing views around Florence for the day. The foundation has always gone above and beyond to spread positivity on communities and the world as a whole. It was a true honor to be a part of this mission.”

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Rick Bruce, Contributing Photographer

P593 Rick Bruce, Pennsylvania USA

Rick Bruce, Pennsylvania USA (P593)

Enjoy this lovely photo taken by our new Contributing Photographer, Rick Bruce!

Rick comments, “Healing Photo Art is an excellent way to encourage patients and even medical staff as they travel in medical facilities. I found out about this wonderful organization when I saw one of Elaine’s photos from the Dolomites in a Patient First examination room in Abington PA this spring when dealing with a particularly nasty cold. Her photo cheered me up. I thought perhaps my own photo work could do the same for others.”

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Peyton Lehner, Contributing Photographer

P591 Peyton Lehner, Florida USA

Peyton Lehner, Florida USA (P591)

Enjoy this lovely sunset taken by our new Contributing Photographer, Peyton Lehner!

Peyton comments, “I was connected to Elaine and the Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals by my Public Health professor at my university. I align with the foundation’s uplifting mission and its amazing work across the globe. I have always found an important correlation between the arts and public health and how they are very beneficial to many! As a volunteer for this foundation, I found myself taking pictures to be used in these hospitals across the globe. I have found myself feeling very proud to be a part of what the foundation does. I also encourage others to do the same!”

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Marsha Armentrout, Contributing Photographer

P588 Marsha Armentrout, Missouri USA

Marsha Armentrout, Missouri USA (P588)

Welcome to our new Contributing Photographer, Marsha Armentrout!

Marsha comments, “I love to walk the trails in Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center in Missouri throughout the year –especially in Autumn when the leaves turn gold, and the fresh air is invigorating! What an opportunity to be a part of this wonderful organization that celebrates beauty by sharing these inspiring photos from around the world. It is exciting to explore the Foundation’s website to increase my knowledge of all the Foundation does. I am happy to be a donor.”

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Molly Shwiff, Contributing Photographer

P586 Molly Shwiff, Switzerland

Molly Shwiff, Switzerland (P586)

Welcome to our new Contributing Photographer, Molly Shwiff!

Molly comments, “Soon after arriving to Italy as a study abroad student, I learned that I had the opportunity to intern for Healing Photo Art, an amazing foundation with a mission very close to my heart. Elaine’s goal of bringing healing to patients and easing anxiety for those in healthcare settings is something that means a lot to me. After recently visiting my grandma in hospitals and then hospice, some of the most special memories we shared together were talking about the beautiful nature photographs that hung on the walls of her rooms. I saw the peace and happiness that just these photos brought, even when she was in pain, and I now have a newfound appreciation for these beautiful photographs in healthcare settings. Elaine is one of the most genuine and caring people that I have met, and she shows us, through all the amazing work she does, what it means to truly help others. I am so thankful that I get the opportunity to contribute to the mission of Healing Photo Art.”

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Mike Garlit, Contributing Photographer

P551L Mike Garlit, Illinois USA

Mike Garlit, Illinois USA (P551L)

Enjoy this relaxing forest photo taken in Illinois by our Contributing Photographer, Mike Garlit!

Mike comments, “I am deeply honored and blessed to have this opportunity to share another of my images of God’s creation with those who might find some comfort during difficult times. The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals is a wonderful organization, and I pray for the continued success of their mission.”

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Ismail Moideen, Contributing Photographer

P585 Ismail Moideen, Arabian Desert, Dubai

Ismail Moideen, Arabian Desert, Dubai (P585)

Welcome to our new Contributing Photographer, Ismail Moideen, from Dubai!

Ismail comments, “If my photos will help to heal people, I will be so happy to share all my pictures, full support from my side.  Thank you and take care yourself also while taking care of other people.”

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