Elsa Ganet, Contributing Photographer

P566 Elsa Ganet, Saint-Martin-de-Ré, France

Elsa Ganet, Saint-Martin-de-Ré, France (P566)

Enjoy this lovely field of poppies by our new Contributing Photographer, Elsa Ganet!

Elsa comments, “I am honoured to have my work featured by the Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals website and in the selection to be displayed in hospitals across the world. I’ve been an amateur photographer for over 13 years and I’m really proud to be able to contribute to this wonderful program and be able to help people in any way I can during such a difficult time. I found the Foundation through social media and instantly thought it was an amazing idea and I wanted to take part in any way I could. Elaine has been very kind, helpful and patient during all of the process!”

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Jonathan Warren, Contributing Photographer

P567 Jonathan Warren, Glendhu Bay, New Zealand

Jonathan Warren, Glendhu Bay, New Zealand (P567)

Welcome to our new Contributing Photographer, Jonathan Warren!

Jonathan comments, “I am absolutely honored to have my work included in the selection of pieces to be included in hospitals. Having been a photographer for years, I’ve always wondered what are the best ways to get my photos out into the world and help improve people’s day, and now I’ve found it. Elaine has created a wonderful non-profit with an amazing goal that is crucial to improve quality of care for patients! I’m so happy I stumbled upon her site while doing some research in wellness and was met with this opportunity.”

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Yvonne Coyle, Contributing Photographer

P571 Yvonne Coyle, Massachusetts USA

Yvonne Coyle, Massachusetts USA (P571)

Many thanks to our new Contributing Photographer, Yvonne Coyle!

Yvonne comments, “I am so honored to have my photography used by the Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals and to get the chance to help patients, and their families. When I read about this wonderful program helping people heal with art I thought that is such a good organization and I would love to be part of it by sharing some of my photography and a big thank you to Elaine for walking me through the process!”

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Nivita Thomas, Contributing Photographer

P570 Nivita Thomas, Virginia USA

Nivita Thomas, Virginia USA (P570)

Welcome to our new Contributing Photographer, Nivita Thomas.  Nivita is 15 years old, one of our youngest photographers!

Nivita comments, “Community work is always in my mind. Often times, I would think being just a school student how far I could go to be of service to others. During my summer vacation this year, I was just browsing casually and I stumbled upon this prestigious organization. I was in wonder when I learned that something like simple photos that we can contribute can impact and bring tremendous inward joy, calmness and peace into the hearts of people at the hospitals all across the world. I reached out to Elaine immediately. All I can say is she is the sweetest person and her messages back to me were so kind and genuine guiding me to send exactly what she needs to carry out this noble mission.
This is an awesome inspiring opportunity for young people like me. I cannot be physically there with every patient and medical professional in every hospitals but deep down in my heart I know that I have connected with each one of their hearts through Elaine’s foundation and contribute in a simple way that I can to encourage them. I look forward to keep contributing and working with Elaine.”

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William Vergonet, Contributing Photographer

P568 William Vergonet, Georgia USA

William Vergonet, Georgia USA (P568)

Enjoy this lovely photo of our new Contributing Photographer, William Vergonet!

William comments, “I use photography as a release and / or a therapy of sorts.  I have a stressful career and photography allows me a chance to break away from that daily and focus on beautiful things and moments. Photography helps me and so I am extremely excited and honored, to have my work used by the Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals. Just the thought that one of my images can maybe help in someone’s recovery , or help in any way, is just out of this world an amazing feeling. I really love what Elaine is doing here and want to support the foundation in any way I can. 

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Caitlin Garvey, Contributing Photographer

P562 Caitlin Garvey, Virginia USA

Caitlin Garvey, Virginia USA (P562)

Welcome to our new Contributing Photographer, Caitlin Garvey!

Caitlin comments, “I am so grateful to have found Elaine and the Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals. When my parents were in hospitals, we discovered first-hand how important nature is to the healing process. The peace and comfort derived from nature is critical at all times, but especially so in hospitals and other such institutions. My personal experience led me to try to find a way to get my images into hospitals as a means of helping other families, and I was so happy to discover the Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals. I am honored to have my work included in such a mission to bring healing photo art to hospitals around the world.”

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Larry Baumgardt, Contributing Photographer

P564 Larry Baumgardt, Florida USA

Larry Baumgardt, Florida USA (P564)

Many thanks to our new Contributing Photographer, Larry Baumgardt!

Larry comments, “After over 50 years, I recently re-connected with one of my Northwestern college roommates. Photography then and now is my passion and I shared some of my photographs with Louis. He suggested that I connect with his friend Elaine Poggi, president of the Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals. She requested some sample images, and then asked for a few that she had selected. I had never heard of her organization, but the more I learned the more impressed I became. I am pleased and proud to play a small role in such a worthy charity.”

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Bella O’Rourke, Contributing Photographer

P565 Bella O'Rourke, Amalfi, Italy

Bella O’Rourke, Amalfi, Italy (P565)

Welcome to our new Contributing Photographer, Bella O’Rourke!

Bella comments, “I was an intern this summer with the Foundation and had an amazing experience. I was lucky to work alongside Elaine Poggi, who was a great mentor and boss. The foundation has enhanced my skills in social media content creation along as expanded my knowledge on photography.”

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Barbara C Phillips, Contributing Photographer

P563 Barbara C Phillips, Missouri USA

Barbara C Phillips, Missouri USA (P563)

Many thanks to Barbara C Phillips, our new Contributing Photographer!

Barbara comments, “I don’t remember exactly how I found the Foundation, I believe another photographer mentioned it. But I was immediately on board. Having worked in healthcare as an RN and as a Nurse Practitioner for over 30 years, I am intimately familiar with how light, color, and design can impact my patients’ mood and ultimately well being. This is true no matter the setting…from hospitals to clinics, to therapy offices. In fact, many of my images today are created with a therapeutic environment in mind. I appreciate being able to contribute.”

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