Michelle Deppe, Contributing Photographer

P529 Michelle Deppe, Utah USA

Michelle Deppe, Utah USA (P529)

Many thanks to our new Contributing Photographer, Michelle Deppe, from Utah! Michelle comments, “I’m excited to share my nature photography and be a contributor to the foundation. I found out about the organization from another photographer on social media. I believe nature is healing and seeing uplifting images can bring solace.”

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Amelia Holt, Contributing Photographer

P526 Amelia Holt, Vernazza, Italy

Amelia Holt, Vernazza, Italy (P526)

Many thanks to our new Contributing Photographer, Amelia Holt, for her lovely photo!

Amelia comments, “My time as an intern for the Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals was, in one word, inspirational. Elaine Poggi understands the big impact of small things, which can be seen in all of her amazing work over the past 20 years. She took a small concept, combined it with passion and perseverance, and it has positively impacted all 7 continents!  Working with Elaine taught me and my fellow interns that no dream is too small or too big to do good in the world. Often times, inspirational stories make doing good seem unattainable. However, Elaine is so down-to-earth, so her story and work show how anyone can do anything, as long as they put their heart in it.”

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Natalie Birnbaum, Contributing Photographer

P524 Natalie Birnbaum, Georgia USA

Natalie Birnbaum, Georgia USA (P524)

Enjoy this colorful Dahlia photographed by our new Contributing Photographer, Natalie Birnbaum!

Natalie comments, “I took up photography as a hobby about 10 years ago after I retired from working in public health. When I am out capturing even a small part of nature’s abundant beauty, I notice all my worries disappear. Realizing how uplifting and peaceful it is to be out photographing nature and reflecting on my experiences in healthcare, I often wondered if there was a way to use my photography as a healing art. I recently did an internet search and discovered that the Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals is doing just that! This special non-profit organization brings the healing power of nature to hospitals by sending them photo art to display on their walls and in patients’ rooms. I thought it was such a wonderful idea. Elaine Poggi, the Foundation’s founder and president, is a nature photographer herself. She uses her own photos and also relies on those donated by other photographers from around the world. It seemed like the perfect place for my nature photography. I contacted her to see if she was interested in my flower photos. Elaine was so responsive and easy to work with. She immediately replied to my email. I was thrilled she liked my photos and wanted to add one of them to the Foundation’s gallery. The process she created for sending her my photo was incredibly easy. I was surprised that my flower photo was in her gallery in just a few days. I’d be so honored if my photograph found a home in a hospital anywhere in the world. Especially if it lifted the spirits of the hospital’s patients, visitors, and staff. If you know anyone who photographs nature or beautiful locations, tell them to contact Elaine to donate their work and to check out her website to find out more about this extraordinary Foundation (https://healingphotoart.org).”


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Randall Fountain, Contributing Photographer

P525 Randall Fountain, Arkansas USA

Randall Fountain, Arkansas USA (P525)

Many thanks to our new Contributing Photographer, Randall Fountain, for his most amazing photo!

Randall comments, “I immediately felt my life had more meaning when I found Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals and got to talk with Elaine Poggi (Founder & President).  For years I wanted to create more meaning in my art. It has helped me when I was going through tough periods in my life as I got to go out into nature and experience some of the most beautiful sights. That’s where photography came in because I wanted to share the beauty of life with others so that they may experience a breath of fresh air during turbulent times.
Seeing how much it did for me during those periods, I thought about the people that don’t have much access to it that need it the most. After researching, I found this foundation that does exactly that by providing photos to Hospitals. A very well thought out vision that is driven towards helping others in that way. By choosing this step and getting to connect with Elaine, the Foundation, and others around the world through what I capture, I feel as if I am finding meaning again.
I feel that photos of nature can help soothe and calm the mind to allow the body to focus more energy towards itself where it is needed the most. Thus reducing anxiety, calmer rhythmic breathing, and a more balanced heart rate. Most people in a Hospital setting where there are walls around them are often blank with nothing to take focus on except the thoughts in their mind.
And talking to people that have been in a Hospital, the overall feeling and thoughts was “I am sick” but we can help change that by changing the environment even if it is helping a little. Maybe through being struck by an image that changes the feelings they have more to “I am healing.” That to me is leaps and bounds and the power of what art can do.
I hope anyone reading this can take the time to check out the Foundation and all of the other amazing artists and staff members that donated their time, energy, and art to make it possible. There are a lot of ways you can contribute even getting a local hospital by you to hang up pieces of art in which the Foundation can help.”


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Nicholas J. Hall, Contributing Photographer

P481 Nicholas J. Hall, Washington USA

Nicholas J. Hall, Washington USA (P481)

Enjoy this peaceful photo of our Contributing Photographer, Nicholas J. Hall, taken in Washington!

Nicholas comments, “I stumbled upon this foundation kind of by accident. I am a hobby photographer and work full time in the medical field. I am so grateful for what this foundation does and what it stands for. I’m proud to be able to contribute to the healing process all over the world with something I hold so dear to me, and I hope with all of my heart I am able to provide some sort peace and comfort to those that need it. Even if it is something as little as a smile to brighten their world a little.”


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Ardis Rezba Ligman, Contributing Photographer

P318 Ardis Rezba Ligman, Florida USA

Ardis Rezba Ligman, Florida USA (P318)

Many thanks to our Contributing Photographer, Ardis Rezba Ligman, for her beautiful photo!

Ardis comments, “A mutual friend of Elaine and myself suggested I submit a photo for review to Elaine for use in a hospital. It is then when I learned of the Foundation Elaine began to change the blank walls of hospital corridors to be filled with photography and change their intimidating personality to give beauty, peace, and comfort to people when they are most vulnerable walking hospital corridors. As a now retired trauma nurse, I used photography as a means to bring peace into my life beyond the chaos emergency medicine usually brings. Amateur photography has become a passion for me, to capture a special moment on paper. With our mutual friend’s encouragement, in 2015 I submitted a photo for Elaine to evaluate, it is now in three hospitals across the world. To know through this foundation you have given a part of yourself to them through your photograph . . . gave them a moment to pause . . . a moment to reevaluate . . . a moment to have peace . . . you know if even for a fleeting moment you have touched and changed someone’s life.


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Mark Dornblaser, Contributing Photographer

P523 Mark Dornblaser, Galapagos Islands

Mark Dornblaser, Galapagos Islands (P523)

Welcome to our new Contributing Photographer, Mark Dornblaser! Enjoy his photo of these two blue-footed Boobies.

Mark comments, “I came across the Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals by accident on Facebook, and I immediately wanted to get involved. I am a landscape photographer, and I have wondered for years how I might donate my work to hospitals. I contacted Elaine Poggi, and worked with her to choose images that would be desirable for donation. It’s been an incredible experience, and I am overjoyed at the prospect of giving something back to the community.”

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