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Thank you for visiting The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals! If you agree that nature photos might improve the impersonal atmosphere of our hospitals and would like to help, or if you represent a medical organization and are interested in acquiring photo art for your facility, please contact us by filling out the form below.

Elaine Poggi, President
Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals
Via Calzaiuoli 103 R
50122 Florence, Italy
Tel: (+39) 335 6196742

Rosemary Strembicki, Treasurer
Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals
4909 Laclede Ave., Unit 1704
St. Louis, MO  63108
Tel: (+1) 314 707 2688

“Through viewing these pictures, a new window to life is opened for our patients, which gives them greater appreciation for the beauty and variety found in nature and the world. Thank you for assisting us in caring for the needs of the entire patient – mind, body, and spirit.” Kikuyu Hospital Administrator, Kenya, Africa

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