Many thanks to our Contributing Photographers from around the world for donating their beautiful nature photos to The Foundation. Hospitals can choose their favorites from our Photo Gallery to be displayed on their hospital walls and hallways to provide comfort and healing to patients, family, friends, and hospital staff.

How did the Contributing Photographer’s Program Begin?

When Elaine Poggi, Founder and President, began on the path of The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospital’s mission, she had only planned to place her own photographs in hospitals throughout the U.S. and Italy. However, a short time after launching the website, she quickly realized that the number of photographers who were interested in sharing their art with others was limitless. She received emails and telephone calls from photographers of many nationalities asking how they could get involved in The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals. What she had thought was only a personal goal evolved into global interest. The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals now has more than 300 Contributing Photographers and their photographic art is on display in hospitals on all seven continents! Now that you have found us, we hope that you will join us in our mission to heal others through art.

How Do I Become a Contributing Photographer?

We have created an exciting program for photographers of all levels to contribute to our cause, to put as many beautiful photographs of nature as possible in as many hospitals and medical facilities as possible throughout the world. Below is how it works:

Submit a selection of your photos (or Elaine can choose from your website) in small files for acceptance via email attachments to Elaine Poggi at

Upon acceptance of one or more photos, send it in Tiff or Jpg file in Adobe RGB (1998), 300 dpi, size -50cm x 75cm, by or to Elaine

Sign the Photo Release Form stating that The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals has the right for unlimited usage of the donated image (don’t worry, you will still have all rights to use your own images.)

Help to promote and fundraise for The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals in whatever capacity you are able (a link from your website and contacting your local hospital for photo placement is a great way to start.)

It’s that easy. Once we have received your digital file, your photo will be displayed on The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospital’s website along with your name, city, and state, and website address. When hospitals choose your photo, it will be printed, framed, and displayed in the hospital.

P388 Kristi Diane Williams, Arizona USA

What are the Benefits to me?

The benefits for you, the photographer, are fantastic as well:

  • Your name and artwork will be displayed on our website, blog, and social media sites
  • Your name and artwork will be exhibited in hospitals throughout the world
  • There will be media exposure (when possible and applicable)
  • You may add “Contributing Photographer, The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals” to your resume
  • Your name will show up in search engines
  • You’ll know that your talent will comfort and heal others

What Photography is Accepted?

We are looking for work that is colorful, in focus, high resolution, uncomplicated, and peaceful of nature scenes and other beautiful places in the world. Also, please let us know how you found The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals along with a short biography about yourself.

How Do I Know If My Photos Were Approved?

Final approval will be made by Elaine Poggi. Your photo will be displayed on our website and used for placement in hospitals for the duration of at least one year. You may submit new photos for consideration thereafter.

We truly hope that you will join us in our mission to provide comfort to patients, families, and hospital staff all over the globe with our photography. Together, we can make a difference.