Elena Lencioni, Contributing Photographer

Photo by Elena Lencioni

Welcome to our new Contributing Photographer, Elena Lencioni, living in Tokyo, Japan! @myjapanesediaries

Karen Kingston’s Article

Photo by Elaine Poggi

It’s always nice to see when others comment about the work of the Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals! Thank you, Karen Kingston!

David Foster, Contributing Photographer

Photo by David Frost

Enjoy this Pas de Deux image taken in Hawaii by our Contributing Photographer, David Foster!

Tirza Roring Whitehurst, Photographer

Photo by Tirza Roring Whitehurst

Enjoy this beautiful photo of Agency Lake in Oregon by our Contributing Photographer Tirza Roring Whitehurst! 

Michael Mascorro, Contributing Photographer

Photo by Michael Mascorro

Many thanks to Michael Mascorro, our new Contributing Photographer, for his fun photo of his dog on the beach! 

Tatiana Shima, Contributing Photographer

Photo by Tatiana Shima

Many thanks to Tatiana Shima, our new Contributing Photographer, for her lovely photo taken in Ontario, Canada! Www.Fineartamerica.com/profiles/Tatiana-Shima

Andrew Murray, Contributing Photographer

Photo by Andrew Murray

Many thanks to our new Contributing Photographer, Andrew Murray, for his adorable chipmunk photo! 

Denise Beverly, Contributing Photographer

Photo by Denise Beverly

Many thanks to our new Contributing Photographer, Denise Beverly, for her lovely lily photo!

Valerie Hosna-Davis, Photographer

Photo by Valerie Hosna-Davis

Welcome to Valerie Hosna-Davis, our new Contributing Photographer! Enjoy her colorful water lily. 

Alex Cassels, Contributing Photographer

Photo by Alex Cassels

Comments from our Contributing Photographer Alex Cassels, “My father is in a care home now in the UK with his Alzheimers which is sadly quite progressed. He’s been there nearly 30 months now and his decline is hard to deal with which is partly why I feel the need to help you and your organization make patient’s lives a little more happy and reassuring. I like to think that little tree has an inner strength hanging on to the edge against the elements”.