Placing Healing Art Where It’s Needed Most

Nature images can help heal the soul, which in turn helps heal the body.

White, cold, sterile walls exemplify the traditional hospital setting, where stress, pain, fear and loneliness abound. Staring at these walls is boring and depressing. The mood changes when our beautiful nature photos are placed on the walls, providing color, comfort, and hope to patients, caregivers, and loved ones.

The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals was established in the USA in 2002 by photographer Elaine Poggi, who turned her personal tragedy of the loss of her mother into a worldwide campaign to bring photos of nature to hospitals.

Offering an extensive portfolio of nature photos ranging from tropical beaches to Japanese cherry blossoms to the Tuscan hills, donated by Elaine and other photographers from all corners of the world, the nonprofit Foundation seeks funding to cover printing, framing, and shipping expenses so that the cost to hospitals is minimal or none at all.

Judith Gale, Contributing Photographer

Enjoy this colorful photo by our new Contributing Photographer, Judith Gale, from New York!   This photo was donated to The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals.   View more photos of flowers in our Flower Photo Gallery.

Mount Royal Clinic in Duluth, MN

Interns Kelsey Sorensen and Tatum O’Donnell, from the University of Minnesota at Duluth, coordinated this photo project and created a video of the Mount Royal Clinic, including an interview with the hospital staff.

Urbenville Hospital, Australia

Urbenville Hospital Photo Project Our photos in the Urbenville and Nimbin Hospitals, Australia… Many thanks to our Coordinator Jim Hourigan and our Contributing Photographers Jenny Keith, Reynaldo Brigantty, Domenico Vallorini, Therese Tusa, Mary Serantoni, Heather Cody, Carly Hiti, Brian Kerls, Dario Marcandalli, Pamela Rivera, Linda Menard Saros, Kylie Sharp Michell, Bill Feigenbaum, Claudia Costantino, Paolo […]

Brandon Parisi, Photographer

Welcome Brandon Parisi, our new Contributing Photographer! Enjoy his colorful photo taken in Florida.   View our Contributing Photographers Photo Gallery. 

Kristi Diane Williams, Photographer

Enjoy this lovely photo by our new Contributing Photographer, Kristi Diane Williams, taken in Arizona!   To view more photos donated to Healing Photo Art, visit our Contributing Photographers Photo Gallery.

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