Reviews and Testimonials

One of the most rewarding aspects of what we do is the feedback that we receive from patients, families and friends of patients, doctors, nurses, hospital staff and administrators, and our contributing photographers.  This is what inspires us to continue!

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“The Pictures are great! Wow! I will take pictures once I mount them on the walls and send them to you. God bless you for the wonderful work that you are doing.”
Dr. Johnson J. Wambugu, Kikuyu Hospital Dental Unit, Kikuyu, Kenya

“The Foundation for Photo Art in Hospitals is an organization that reaches individuals in a heartfelt manner at critical times in their lives. This became evident to me when I attended a dedication of photographs on an adolescent psychiatric unit. The photos had been chosen through discussion with the young patients and each one of them came alive when they spoke about their favorites. We don’t often appreciate the small changes we make in individual lives but this foundation can take pride in how it salves the wounds of those suffering both physically and emotionally.”
Rosemary Strembicki, Foundation Board Member, St. Louis, MO

“Our Art Cart program is a “smashing” success. The patients, families and staff all love it. They intermingle with the patients on their choices. Wonderful stories come out of it. One in particular is an underwater picture with beautiful fish. One lady would not be transferred out of her room until the picture came with her. She said it reminded her of her best friend and her aquarium which gave her much comfort.”
Suzanne M. Gaughn, Volunteer Services Manager, Olean General Hospital, NY

“We wish to thank you for the donation of nature photographs. The photographs have been placed in the room where patients suffering from spinal cord injury with tetraplegia are being rehabilitated.  They all expressed, along with staff, their approval of the photographs that provide atmosphere of compassion and encourage healing.”
Prof. Ivan Dzidic, MD, Special Medical Rehabilitation Hospital, Varazdinske Toplice, Croatia

“We are very glad to inform you that we have received the courier which was sent by you. It is really appreciable for your brisk response to our request and sent the photos for displaying in our hospital constructed recently. Indeed we are stared to see your expeditious work and commitment and sending the same to us by taking due diligence care and all of our staff and members were very much pleased expressed their gratitude to you for your prompt response. In view of the above we feel that our responsibility has been increased in case of you and we want to promulgate the message (Cause for your service) to all our operational area and may heavenly blessed of your mother in commemoration of her you are doing this activity.

Regarding the pictures the nature which we are seeing in front of us and there are no words to express the beauty of the posters. We really hats off to your taste and commitment. We are in the process of displaying in the community hospital and it is commencing its operation from 18th of this month.

Once again with heart felt gratitude’s from our organization and all of our members to you and other persons those are supporting you for accomplishment of this activity. May hope you can extend your cooperation even further also at least by way of sharing the information which will be useful.”
Mrs. Rajani Suram, Executive Director, Kiranmayi Socio Educational Society, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA

“The photographs donated to Grace Hill by Healing Photo Arts and Elaine Poggi have made such a difference in the appearance of our dental and social services departments. Elaine understands the deep rooted connection between Mind and Body and her breathtaking photographs have transformed many of our drab walls and made our patient ‘waiting’ experience more pleasant. Over 90% of Grace Hill’s patients live below 100% of the poverty level and survival is a daily struggle. Our patients come to us troubled and in pain, and we are so grateful at this opportunity to provide services in the serene and beautiful atmosphere created by these photographs.  We are grateful to Healing Photo Arts and Elaine Poggi for this wonderful gift to Grace Hill.”
Villie M. Appoo, Executive Vice President, Grace Hill, St. Louis, MO

“Thank you again for your donation of art. It means so much to us at the clinic to have these hanging in the building… Just imagine the surprise of the patients and staff to come in and see these beautiful pieces hanging on our walls after you donated them! It livens up the clinic, waiting room and offices far more than you could ever imagine. Thank you for brightening up our organization and supporting our mission in providing health care to the underserved.”
Becca Castaneda, Director of Development, La Clinica, St. Louis, MO

“In April 2008, students from the Overlake School in Redmond, Washington travelled to Pailin, Cambodia, to teach at an elementary school the Overlake community had built in 2003. While in Pailin, students also installed 10 photographs by Elaine Poggi of the Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals in the local Pailin hospital. The students toured the various wards, and visited with the Director of the hospital who identified areas in the hospital to hang the pictures. The Pailin hospital project provided them with insight into third world health care. The students were delighted to be able to bring the beautiful photographs to brighten the environment of the hospital.”
Francisco Grijalva, Overlake’s Head of School, Redmond, Washington

“Thank you very much for sharing this project with me. It healed me as much as the patients who came in contact with the photos. I wish you were there to see the reaction of the doctors upon hearing how you began distributing them. I am sure you know the feeling of seeing these photos in their environment.”
Fatma Sarikaya, Volunteer, Ankara, Turkey

“We appreciate very much the photos from your organization. It brings smiles to staff, patients and their relations who visit our facilities. The power of the photos in the healing process of our patients is incredible to the extent that it attracts and serves as points of convergence for patients at rest hours. The attraction of the photos enables patients to socialize among themselves, share common concerns and forget about their discomfort. Such fraternity among patients from different locations temporary brings relief which is crucial in the healing process and we are very grateful to Healing Photo Art Foundation.”
Omar Nurudeen, District Health Services Administrator, Ghana, Africa

“Bravo to our Italian photographer/caregiver…through your eyes and heart, the landscapes that patients dream of transform their sad surrondings into the beauty they cry for.  Keep going and growing… and believing.” 
John Feight, Executive Director and Founder, The Foundation for Hospital Art

“I have always believed in the transformational power of art; in its ability to move and engage people, and to bring them together.  The true reward from working with the Foundation was seeing your photography transform the doctors’ and patients’ eyes, igniting, as it seemed, hope and joy.  I wish you luck in your future endeavors.”
Dominika Nicman, Warsaw, Poland

“I just came back from one of the Hospitals, JM de Los Rios. We hung 5 of the pictures you sent. It was an incredible experience. We put them in the infectology ward, where they have most of the patients with HIV. You have no idea the effect your pictures have caused, both the hospital staff and the patients were incredible happy! I have to translate to you some of the things they said, but they had a patient, she is a 16 year old mother who has a 3 month old baby, both HIV+  the condition of the baby is critical, the girl is very poor, she’s been in the hospital for 3 weeks, and when we hung the pictures she went out, smiled and said to us: “Finally something that gives me a reason to smile in this place”!  It was amazing. Again Elaine I can’t thank you enough not only for doing this wonderful project but also for making me part of it. Going today to the hospital and looking at those people’s faces, smiling, having nice comments on the photos, taking pictures of them – it was a wonderful experience. I hope you realize the wonderful job you are doing, and that you have the chance one day to visit all the hospitals where you are donating your pictures!”
Jessica Hammer, Caracas, Venezuela

“Thank you for sending nice photos and a lot of kindness.  We are very happy and lucky to show the photos to in & out patients in Kanto Chuo Hospital. What beautiful and peaceful scenes! What pretty annimals!  I hope that many children will be pleased at the photos of animals, and many adult patients will heal with the landscapes and the flowers.”
Dr. Yasuo Ohno, Tokyo, Japan

“Congratulations for you and for your wonderful “job” in the Foundation. Your pictures are so beautiful and what you do for the patients is spectacular.”
Camila G. Abrao de Oliveira, Londrina, Brazil

“I am pleased to inform you in addition to Silvia’s report that Donation Ceremony of your Photo/Art to Dr. Ohno was solemnly conducted at 10:30 am of July 7, 2007 in his hospital named Kanto Chuo General Hospital in Tokyo with the attendants of Dr. Ohno, Mrs. Ohno, Mr. Numajiri (Hospital Manager), Giorgio, Silvia, Yoko and myself.  They were excited at the photos that you sent. They actually already had spoken to all the sections within the hospital before photos arrived were photos are required. I am sure by now that all the photos are now booked to be delivered to where or which section.  The hospital has made Letter of Appreciation addressed to Elaine Poggi and Silvia received it on your behalf…  It was indeed nice moment to attend the Ceremony and my understanding about your activity is now deepened further.  Elaine, thank you very much for your donation and with our very best regards.”
Tommy Endo, Tokyo, Japan

“We tend to associate hospitals with sadness but Elaine’s photos change this perception. Her colorful images offer a window of color, memory and discovery, which is integral to any healing process. Changing people’s lives, room by room, wall by wall…these are the beacons of light and hope our world needs, day by day.”
Elettra Fiumi, New York, NY

“Elaine’s photos are a source of peace and comfort to those who are privileged to see them. The beauty and serenity in them provide that comfort and peace during difficult times, even a sense of joy in the midst of difficulties as one views the beauty of God’s creation captured as only Elaine can do. Elaine donated some of her photos to the hospital in her home town of Sparta, Illinois. These were in the rooms my mother was in at the hospital during her last weeks here on earth. Since Elaine had been our neighbor and rode the school bus with me (my father was the bus driver), seeing her photos brought a double sense of comfort to us. It was like a good friend was with us during those days. It was my privilege to work with Elaine after the death of both of my parents to donate additional photos to the Sparta hospital and the nursing home in Sparta in honor of both of my parents. Thank you for featuring Elaine on your website so that more people can see the beauty of our world through her eyes.”
Linda Cox, Sparta, IL

“Congratulations! This is a wonderful idea for making patient’s hospitalization more pleasant. I thank you for this kind gesture from your Foundation… The pictures you’ve sent us will surely improve patient and personnel’s disposition. Unfortunately, the reality in most Polish hospitals still boils down to sad, grey walls, therefore your idea should be recognized as highly recommendable…”
Maria Jastrzebska, Wojewodzki Szpital Specjalistyczny, Slupsku, Poland

“This project will not only add tremendous aesthetic enhancement to the floor, but also give every patient, their family members, and hospital staff alike the opportunity to enjoy and reflect on the beauty of nature through these photographs. I believe these photos will add an invaluable dimension to the recuperative process of each patient on the floor. The psychological benefits of being surrounded by beautiful art cannot be underscored.”
Bryan T. Ho, M.D., Otolaryngologist, Englewood Medical Center, NJ

“Whether it be the proud mothers of newborns, malnourished children, patients of all ages recuperating from accidents or being treated for AIDS and/or Tuberculosis, I know that viewing these photos cannot but help lift their spirits and give them a few moments away from their pain and suffering. If that is the case, then they will have been provided a good dose of “medicine” that even the best trained doctor would not be able to provide.”
Debbie Berquist Jules, Chief Operating Officer, Hopital Albert Schweitzer, Deschapelles, Haiti

“It is highly appreciable the cause you have taken which will really provide great peace, calmness, soothness, and a healing atmosphere to patients and their respected relatives. We will be happy to be part of this great mission you have taken for the uplifting of patients. We wish you the best luck in this mission ahead.”
Chahat Khan and Dr. Shafi Wani, Republic of the Maldives

“Through viewing these pictures, a new window to life is opened for our patients, which gives them greater appreciation for the beauty and variety found in nature and the world. Thank you for assisting us in caring for the needs of the entire patient – mind, body, and spirit.”
Kikuyu Hospital, Kenya, Africa

“Thank you a thousand times for putting Malawi on the map through this ministry of Healing Photo Art.  You have blessed my family and my country in amazing ways.  May God prosper this ministry that speaks silently but so powerfully the magnificent power of the creator of all the nature that exists.”
Haswell Beni, Malawi, Africa

“Your talent and generosity are what amaze me. I was looking at all your photos, old and new and after all this time, I am still in Awww! They are so beautiful, words cannot even describe! Your photos truly grasp every miracle that God has given us… For most people, who cannot travel for whatever reason, this is an inspiration!”
Kim KingSt. Louis, MO

“Congratulations on your third anniversary – you have set out to form a foundation that touches lives and now it is doing just that – all over the world. Celebrate!”
Dianne Stitzlein, Chesterfield, MO

“Thank you for your generous contribution to the Run for the Cure Foundation’s Pink Ball… The Foundation is honored to be associated with organizations such as The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals, who set such fine examples for the rest of the community. Please accept our heartfelt thanks for all you do in support of breast cancer awareness in Japan. We salute you for making a difference!”
Kirstin Punu, Pink Ball 2005, Run for the Cure Foundation, Japan

“Since our meeting Wednesday evening, I have had so many Auxiliarians and Volunteers comment on your wonderful presentation, what a great “cause” the Foundation is and what a wonderful speaker you were. They could see and feel the passion you have for the Foundation. Thank you so much for being the speaker – I am not sure how we will top or even stay at the same level of a speaker for our spring meeting.”
Peggy Henson, Volunteer Services, Memorial Hospital of Carbondale, Carbondale, IL

“When my husband would go to the doctor for his check up and for treatment we would see pictures on the walls of the exam room that had been taken by you. We would talk about the pictures and would wonder whom Elaine Poggi was. I wanted you to know how much we enjoyed the pictures at the doctor’s office and that they helped us pass many times that were difficult for both of us.”
A family member

“Your photos were hanging in the two rooms Mom was in at Sparta Community Hospital this last May and June. She was in the one room nearly 3 weeks. Each day, we’d look at your photo and it was so peaceful and relaxing. And it was kind of like having a neighbor right there with her when I wasn’t able to be with her. When Mom returned in June, that room also had one of your beautiful photos in it. That was the room where Mom spent her last days here on earth. Again how appropriate that she was able to look at the photo of a Blair neighbor while she was there. I was not able to be with Mom when she passed away. But she wasn’t alone. Our Lord was there, of course. But so was your peaceful painting… So I have experienced first hand the beautiful serenity of your photos and am so thankful you have shared them with others! What beauty they bring and what peace during difficult times.”
A neighbor

“What a wonderful profile. The University of Illinois is proud to be among the American hospitals that are benefiting from your great work. If you do not mind I will be sharing the discs with Dr. Fady Charbel, I know that he will enjoy this terrific presentation.”
Howard B. Newman, JD, Associate Dean, University of Illinois College of Medicine, Chicago, IL

“Thank you once again for the two beautiful photographs… We at Cedar Valley Hospice appreciate your support! You have such a gift with your photos and the Foundation you have created. What a gift to bring so much joy to others!”
Rhonda Hein, Volunteer Coordinator, Cedar Valley Hospice, Grundy Center, IA

“We are really impressed with your photography project. Having spent a lot of time in depressing hospital rooms, anything to improve the sterile drabness is an improvement. Your photographs inspire people to get better. We are very excited about the success of your project. Another of your many artistic talents.”
The Very Rev. Samuel and Judi Hartman, Maine

“It was a great pleasure to meet you … and quite a wonderful experience to hear your perspective on medicine as it has been perceived through your experience with your mother’s illness. It was truly uplifting to hear you describe how you keenly observed the environment and took so many steps to bring out the positive and add to it with the wonderful contribution that your photographic art has made… Once again, I would like to reiterate that I am, as others have been, touched by how your love and affection to your mother has translated into such meaningful actions to enliven and ease the pain of others.”
Fady T. Charbel, M.D., Professor & Head, Department of Neurosurgery, University of Illinois College of Medicine, Chicago, IL

“Your work is spectacular, and the framed photographs have added a wonderful dimension to the Breast Center… We hear very positive comments frequently from our patients and their families about the photographs. Patients have told us the pictures provide a sense of calm and hope, and how the pictures remind them of a happy time in their life. Your gift to the Breast Health Center was… deeply appreciated by all of us who work caring for women with breast problems, and most of all, by our patients. We have all been touched by your generous donation of such a personal and beautiful gift. Your work is obviously a labor of love, and we feel privileged to be the beneficiary of such kindness.”
Virginia Herrmann, M.D., Breast Health Center, Washington Univ. School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO

“The vibrant colors you captured in the landscapes, waterscapes, and architecture will bring joy and inspiration to your patients and their families. We are grateful to participate in your mission to “bring soothing scenes and color” to patient rooms while creating an uplifting atmosphere. Additionally, the medical and nursing staff were delighted to view the art collection and were enthusiastic about the expected benefits and positive impact on patient care. We look forward to working with you in the future. We wish you the best of luck and continued support as you communicate your vision to health centers and hospitals throughout the world.”
John J. DeNardo, Executive Director, The University of Illinois Medical Center, Chicago, IL

“Let me congratulate you for your beautiful images, photos and landscapes, able to relieve for a moment, the anxiety and troubles linked to a disease. Also a “psychological evasion” may be useful in certain conditions. I wish you the best success for your Gallery and your activity!”
Prof. Umberto Veronesi, Former Minister of Health of the Italian Government, Scientific Director, European Institute of Oncology, Milan, Italy

“I can’t begin to tell you the impact this has had on patients and their experience at our facility. The positive comments have been overwhelming. Indeed, in addition to positive comments from patients, it has had a significant impact for the staff as well. We appreciate your insight, help, and talent in consulting with us in this matter.”
David Benage, M.D., Director Gastroenterology, St. John’s Mercy Medical Center, St. Louis, MO

“Our patients comment regularly on what a nice addition the photos have been to the space. The photographs have really helped to make the environment feel less sterile and intimidating at a time when the patients are feeling very vulnerable. The prints have helped to alleviate the stress and provide a mini vacation to a beautiful and soothing destination. In addition to making the environment more conductive to health and healing for our patients, it has been a positive change for our physicians and staff as well… It is hard to put into words the benefits that have been derived by our patients, physicians and staff.”
Rose Walker, Director Clinical Operations, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO

“Not a day goes by that someone does not comment on the photographs. Many patients have commented our new office is so much prettier than our old, and then state that it is the photography that makes the difference… The family and friends of patients most times do not mind the wait in the waiting room and even play a kind of musical chairs, commenting it is because of the beach pictures and they like to move around to get different views… There are many patients who ask about the photographer, where the photos are taken and how we came to know you. It is as though they all want to know a little something about you and this wonderful gift you have given to the office.”
Diane Benage, Practice Administrator, University Hematology Oncology, Inc., St. Louis, MO

“I wish to convey to you how wonderful it was to see you in Chicago. Your lecture was at the same time practical and moving. The audience feedback was extremely positive and all were touched and impressed by the message you delivered.”
Fady T. Charbel, MD, Professor & Head, Department of Neurosurgery, University of Illinois College of Medicine, Chicago, IL

“I have looked at your photo for many hours, dreaming the whole time that I was there.”
A patient.

“You take beautiful photographs and I know the people in hospitals really appreciate it. I know I would rather look at some beautiful scene in a picture than the medical posters that are usually hanging in doctors’ examining rooms.”
Doylene and Ron Daniels, Ruma, IL

“It was wonderful meeting you on Wednesday. You and your work became the topic of conversation at dinner with my family. I was so impressed with your skills as an artist, speaker and philanthropist.”
Steven B. Miller, MD, Vice President, Chief Medical Officer, Barnes-Jewish Hospital, St. Louis, MO

“Your Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals is doing remarkable work and I’m very proud that our new Cancer Center at St. Mary’s Hospital, Centralia, IL is now completed and your Foundation photos have been placed in treatment areas. They are incredible! They are beautiful and I’m certain that you will like them even better in their surroundings.”
Dr. Dee Boswell, Centralia Rotary Club, Centralia, IL

“I thought the TV program was wonderful and it brought tears to my eyes. Even though I knew about the foundation and how it came about, it really showed how personal it is to you and how it is all about giving! It is wonderful that you can take your gift as a photographer and share it with so many people when they need it the most. It is also wonderful how you were able use your experience of losing your mother as a way to help others. She would be very proud of you!”
Jenny Van Middendorp, Collinsville, IL

“The residents and students find the photos relaxing. I have received only compliments about the library. Everyone mentions how beautiful the photographs are and cannot believe I met the person who took them.”
Kathy Mullen, Library Director, SSM St. Mary’s Health Center, St. Louis, MO

“I, too, thoroughly enjoyed our meeting and particularly loved seeing photos of your artwork displayed in hospitals. Your work and your commitments are inspiring.”
Dana Gelb Safran, ScD, Director of the Health Institute at New England Medical Center, Associate Professor of Medicine at Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, MA

“It sounds like your mission is really expanding and I think it is so great that you are able to bring art to so many patients who desperately need an uplifting! It’s beautiful to see how tragedy and loss can bring about healing and renewal spreading love to others. I truly admire what you are doing and hope that someday I can find a calling equally as impactive.”
Kathrin Walsh, Eugene, OR

“The Gala was a tremendous success. Your splendid photo created the right impression on our invitation. The original was purchased by the hospital and will be on display in our new liver clinic, the unit that benefited from the Gala. In any case, your work made a difference. Many thanks!”
Howard B.Newman, JD, Associate Dean, University of Illinois College of Medicine, Chicago, IL

“The Auxiliary Board is really excited about this project as well as the Nursing Staff on Fourth Floor. I am also looking forward to it. It will be a wonderful addition to the rooms and the hallways of 4th Floor. Those patients are usually quite ill and do not always have a good prognosis. So something bright and happy will be very much welcomed.”
Peggy Henson, Volunteer Services, Memorial Hospital of Carbondale, Carbondale, IL

“I was prompted to visit your website after attending the calling hours of a friend from West Boylston. I’m very impressed! My friend and her husband moved to Illinois a couple of years ago, just before she was diagnosed with cancer. She passed away at Barnes Jewish Hospital earlier this month at the age of 24. I spoke with her parents at the wake very briefly. They had seen some of your works and they said that their daughter was very fond of them, being a young artist herself. Your mission and works are making a difference! I’m sure this is just one example of the way the word is spreading. Thank you for bringing my friend some comfort in her last days.”
Christine Green, Fairhaven, MA

“We stress the importance of nature and the beauty of the world in our meditations and connections to the world at large, during our patient program. Your work is aligned with this concept and brings it to those who are unable to leave the hospital and enjoy nature/beauty first hand… This is such a gift to the patient and family (and staff) and makes this journey a little less difficult. Best wishes for your good work!”
Karen Simonton SCC, Simonton Cancer Center, Malibu, CA

“It is the humanistic approach that makes a difference, something that unifies us all no matter what the ailment or situation may be. Your art is the beginning step, a most powerful one. It touches us all in a language understood by all, the universal language of warmth and hope. I am moved for once to become a part of something. Tell me what you would like me to do.”
Gitta Ibarra, San Diego, CA