Request Photos for your Facility

Photos at Hannibal Regional Hospital

How Do I Request Photos for My Hospital?

Some facilities or hospitals are able to fund their own projects or receive funding assistance from their internal foundations or auxiliaries and volunteer services. If you represent a facility with available funds, you may contact us directly and order the nature photos of your choice. Please follow the instructions given below when placing your order.

  1. Contact us to decide the quantity of photos needed for the specific area of the facility, hospital, or medical center. Minimum order is 10 photos.
  2. Select the photos from our photo gallery and send the list to Elaine by email. Most facilities choose our standard black or beige frames, crafted in Northern Italy, but custom frames and sizes are available upon request. We can also send photos without frames.
  3. Although all images are donated by Elaine and our Contributing Photographers, we require a donation* by or on behalf of the facility to cover the expenses of photo printing, laminating, framing, shipping, and handling. This donation is tax deductible. After Elaine receives your order, she will send you a proposal for the funds needed for the project.
  4. Make your contribution payable to The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals, Inc. for the amount on the proposal. Please send the check to:
    Rosemary Strembicki, Treasurer
    The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals, Inc.
    4909 Laclede Ave., Unit 1704
    St. Louis, MO 63108
  5. All donations will be gratefully acknowledged by letter.
  6. Elaine prepares the photos and ships to the healthcare facility by UPS. Please allow two months from when the order is placed to delivery.
  7. Hang the photos in your hospital or facility (a small nail is required).
  8. Often the facility organizes a dedication or inauguration of the new photo exhibition.

If you represent a facility with no available funds for a photo project, please contact us and, as funds become available to us, we will ship to you five beautiful nature photos as a gift from The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals.Worldwide Photograpy Organization

Why Should You Get Photo Art from Us?

Our healing photos are more affordable than most hospital art. Our objective is to reduce the expenses of each photo to a minimum so that more photos can be placed in more facilities. In the case of bringing healing photo art to patients, their loved ones, and healthcare professionals, more is better.


For more information on The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals, contact us online.