Kevin O’Connell, Contributing Photographer

P278 - Kevin OConnell.Gateway-To-Heaven

Photo by Kevin O’Connell

A unique image of Antarctica from our new Contributing Photographer, Kevin O’Connell!

Baylor Medical Center Receives Photos

Baylor Medical Center, Houston Texas

Baylor Medical Center, Houston Texas

Many thanks to Lotsie Holton for coordinating the photo project at the Cancer Center of Dr. Matthew Ellis, Baylor School of Medicine, Houston, Texas!

James R. Whetstone, New Photographer

P280 - James R. Whetstone.EmeraldLakeReflection jrw4709

Photo by James R. Whetstone

James R. Whetstone is our new Contributing Photographer. Here is his beautiful photo of Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park in Canada.

Janice Kretzer-Prysunka, Photographer

Photo by Janice Kretzer-Prysunka

Photo by Janice Kretzer-Prysunka

Welcome to our new Contributing Photographer, Janice Kretzer-Prysunka, from Canada. Enjoy her lovely photo from Jasper National Park…

Welcome to Kimba, our new mascot!

Foundation Photo Art, KimbaKimba, the Tuscan Pup, under a Tuscan tree near Montalcino. Click on the photo to see the pup…
Kimba is the mascot for The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals, a non-for-profit that places nature photographs in hospitals worldwide to give patients hope during difficult times.

McMurdo Station Clinic, Antarctica

Hospital Art Donation Antarctica

McMurdo Station Clinic in Antarctica

We hope our sunny Tuscan photos will “warm” the hearts of the patients in the McMurdo Station Clinic in Antarctica! Photo by Elaine Poggi.
Our mission is to make hospitals a place for hope and comfort by adding beautiful images to the walls.

Afghanistan Hospital Photos

Hospital Art Donation Afghanistan

Photo of the Cure International Hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan.

May our beautiful nature photos bring comfort and hope to the patients at the CURE International Hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan. Photo by Sabrina L. Ryan.

12 Years of Healing Photo Art

Hospital Art Donation

Photo by Elaine Poggi

12 years ago I founded The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals in honor of my mother who spent the last three months of her life in the hospital trying to recover from Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.
It’s been a wonderful experience for me and I do believe our more than 4500 nature photos are helping to create healing environments in almost 300 healthcare facilities on 7 continents!
Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement. I appreciate it as do the thousands of patients, family members, and care givers who are benefiting from our beautiful photos!
Learn more about The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals and how you can donate to our cause.

Happy Thanksgiving!

St. Louis Arch Photography

Photo by Elaine Poggi

Happy Thanksgiving! Giving thanks for beautiful St. Louis, by now, known all over the world. Praying for peace here and everywhere…
Learn more about The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals, non-for-profit that places beautiful nature photography in hospitals worldwide.

J. D. Robert Wiebe, Canadian Photographer

Nature Photo Art for Hospitals

Photo by J. D. Robert Wiebe

J. D. Robert Wiebe joins our Contributing Photographer’s Program. Here is his amazing photo from Jasper National Park in Canada.