Marian Antry – New Contributing Photographer!

Flower Photography for Hospitals

Photo by Marian Antry

Welcome Marian Antry, our new Contributing Photographer from St. Louis, Missouri. Here is her lovely Iris photo, taken at the Missouri Botanical Garden.
Learn more about The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals, a not for profit organization that places nature photo art in hospitals worldwide.

Kingston Hospital in UK Receiving Photos

Hospital Art

Photo by Kristie Vasili

Our lovely photos are on their way to Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, in Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom! Many thanks to our Contributing Photographers: Lotsie Hermann Holton, Lisa Rodolico, Julie Buckley, William Watson, Emilie Butler, Rick Holton, Kristie Vasili, and Elaine Poggi.
Learn more about The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals, a not for profit art organization that places photo art in hospitals around the world.

Celebrating International Women’s Day…

Healing and Photography

Breast Unit, Careggi Hospital, Florence, Italy

We are launching 4 photo projects to bring color and comfort to women in the Careggi Hospital in Florence, Italy. 1. The hospital has requested photos for a new waiting area in the Emergency Room being created for women who have been subjected to violence, called the Pink Room.
2. The Breast Unit (Dr. Lorenzo Orzalesi) where women are recovering from breast surgery.
3. The Oncological Radiation Therapy Unit where women are treated for breast cancer.
4. I.S.P.O (Institute for the Study and Prevention Oncological) where women are screened with mammograms, etc.
These areas desperately need our beautiful nature photos! Please help us help women by donating on our website… or writing Elaine Poggi at Thank you!
Learn more about The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals, a non-profit organization that places beautiful nature photos in hospitals and medical centers worldwide.

Featured in Professional Artist Magazine!

Art for Hospitals

Photo by Elaine Poggi – Tuscan Sunflower

Great article written by Renee Phillips for the Professional Artist magazine blog about The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals featuring Elaine Poggi’s Tuscan Sunflower.

Amistad Health Center, Corpus Christi, TX

Hospital Art

Amistad Community Health Center, Corpus Christi, TX

“We have gotten so many compliments from patients and staff already! I knew the nature art would make a difference for the patients but I never expected the reaction of the staff. The employees are happy to see beauty on the walls! They have commented everyday about how much of a difference the photos make. Wow!” Lori Smith, Human Resourcs Administrator for ACHC.
Learn more about The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals, a non-profit organization that places beautiful photos of nature in hospitals worldwide.

Best Wishes!

Flower Photographic Art

Tuscany, Italy

May peace and joy be with you all this holiday season and may our beautiful nature photos continue to bring peace and joy to thousands and thousands of patients worldwide!
Learn more about The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals, a non-profit organization that donates photographic art of nature to hospitals worldwide.

Article Contributed by Ramya Raju

Top ways to earn money with Photography:  

Do you love taking pictures and are often dragged into the beauty of the art that takes place in photography? Well if you know, photography in itself is a huge profession and is one form of art which is widely accepted and adopted by enthusiasts too as their favorite pastime.

The question we resolve here is, whether there is money involved with the art? Well you will be surprised to how much money photography get you. And that is regardless of the skill level you are or if you are a seasoned professional and is looking to know more ways to siphon money from it.

The ways enlisted below should give a fair idea about how to make money through photography.

Product photography for online sale

Most products that you see in online adverts and print widely bank on the fascination it creates in the eyes of the reader. It’s a trick where even a low priced object can be converted into a high selling, profitable venture. This is because selling takes place largely due to the presentation of the product. That’s the key and makes all the difference. You can try putting up a website with a portfolio and profile to attract clients who need photographs of their products to boost their sale.

Using the right angles and presenting the product in the best way is not a skill that is inbred in all. A good learning curve with regards to taking good product photography, close-up pictures with alluring angles and understanding of supporting equipments like lights, tents, etc is the key to this growing trend. Editing with world class software’s is another way of boosting the above skills.

High quality photographs for graphic designing

Graphic designing is becoming a fast paced industry and is most widely used for anything small like a brochure design to a major design layout of a website. Photographs make an integral part of such layouts and if you have the right kind of photographs, a little knowledge of editing tools and understanding of vector graphics software’s, there is a big market and huge money allotted to this segment.

Sale of prints

If you possess great skills in photography and your clicks are quite the attraction, chances are that you can sell the prints and make money for it. People who cherish and treasure art many a times purchase picture frames to hang on their walls and if your photograph is worthy enough you might sell it at a high price or sell several prints of the same picture. Plus there is no particular area that you have to look at, all it needs is some handy camera attributes and the right moment.

Purchase of photographs by media blogs and websites

If you are a news person you should be able to judge what area and type of news is selling in the current trend. You can utilize your photography skill by being at the right place where you feel coverage is possible. News outlets also pick up generic images of places that often are mentioned in the news or match the current trending news.

Apart from media websites, the newest addition to internet trend is blogging. These blogs have a fierce competition and can pay well for photographs that are pertaining to a subject of their interest. If you get a chance to click a very interesting picture of a celeb or a place in demand, these blogs too can pay well for it. Original photographs are always welcomed as blogs no more carry pictures from the search engine due to copyright issues.

Edit Photographs

A photographer needs both skills to take a picture and at the same time beautify it to make it appealing. Many freelance websites need only editing skills for existing photographs too and are said to pay handsomely for good work. For developing such a skill, software such as Adobe Photoshop or GIMP should be studied thoroughly to gain potential to earn good amount of money online.

Wedding album photographs

Wedding photography is one of the easiest and fastest growing ways to earn money. To showcase your skills in the area you can start a website with your portfolio on it or accompany someone who is already an established name in the market. Even free photography offers should be placed initially to get a foothold in the business.

Portrait photographs

Portrait photography is a great way to get some bucks from your skill and gives much more flexibility in your hand as compared to wedding photography. Here you can experiment with lights, angles and more. Again, assisting or doing free photography to get known is a good way to begin.

Photographs for greeting cards

Greeting cards have always been one of the warmest ways of expressing feelings. If your photograph has the power that can capture such emotion, photographs can be sold for greeting cards and can be a huge hit for years. Plus there are so many events that take place making way for more opportunities.

Photographic T-shirts

T-shirts that carry message, funny jokes and pictures of favorite sports car, celeb, places, etc sell quite a lot today. You can benefit from such a market by taking picture of such most wanted places and people and convert it into a t-shirt. Additional graphic designing can make it a fun job which pays well too.

Author bio

I’m Ramya Raju, a freelance writer/web designer from India. I write on varied topics like travel, photography, English Courses, SEO, Web Design, Mobile, Marketing etc., where I like travel blog writing compared to other niche. I have an experience of about 8 years in content writing and have worked for top blogs and websites. I’m generally an extrovert; I like photography, anthropology and traveling to different countries to learn the culture and living of the local inhabitants to do travelogues.

Ramya Raju

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A Busy Day!

Today I delivered 50 photos to Don Gnocchi Hospital in Florence, shipped 40 photos to hospitals in Texas, 57 photos to hospitals in Virginia, 12 photos to a hospital in Missouri, and 26 photos to be framed for a hospital in Minnesota… Did I mention that last week I shipped out another 76 photos to hospitals in Virginia? And tomorrow I will prepare photos for a Psychiatric Children’s Center in Indiana!

Learn more about hospital art donations.

Chianti Star Festival

Hospital Art

Elaine Poggi presents the Foundation!

Art and science coincided in a spectacular way in one of the most beautiful settings in the world – San Donato in Poggio, in the heart of Tuscany at the first edition of the Chianti Star Festival where Elaine Poggi presented the Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals!
Learn more about our hospital art organization.

Rick Holton, Contributing Photographer!

Photographic Art for Hospitals

Photo by Rick Holton

Many thanks to Rick Holton from St. Louis, Missouri, for donating his lovely summer photo of Harbor Springs, Michigan to the Foundation!
Learn more about our contributing photographers.