P542 Veronica Martin Gancedo, Ionian Islands, Greece

Veronica Martin Gancedo, Ionian Islands, Greece (P542)

Welcome to Veronica Martin Gancedo, our new Contributing Photographer!

Veronica comments, “I am a big follower of Danae Mercer Ricci and Nico’s life beautiful love journey and how they speak the truths of social media VS reality, but also how they inspire us to love ourselves every day.
Following her stories, they mentioned The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals as a part of Nico’s family in one of the hospitals in Florence, Italy.
I checked the website and started to follow the account instantly, as documentary photography is one of my greatest passions and their wish to change the environment of hospitals with a ray of sunshine through art for people to heal is definitely worth to support and even more to contribute!
To say also, communication with Elaine is great. She is passionate and helpful about her work!”