P512 Sheila Carel, Massachusetts USA

Sheila Carel, Massachusetts USA (P512)

Many thanks to our new Contributing Photographer Sheila Carel from Massachusetts!
Sheila comments, “I am lucky to live in Cochituate, a village of Wayland, Massachusetts and have been documenting the natural beauty around me on my daily strolls. These strolls bring me to lakes, ponds, woods, and so much more and are a balm to my soul. A good friend who works in one of the Boston hospitals suggested my art should be displayed in hospitals. A quick search brought me to the Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals. When I read about the mission of this organization, I knew this was the perfect place to start. I was correct. Every step of the way through this process has been seamless, all Elaine’s doing. I am so thankful to have found this organization and am looking forward to the day I hear that my photograph of the prettiest kettle pond in Massachusetts is gracing the walls of a hospital and giving somebody a peaceful focus in a place of healing.”