P552 Richard Brett, London, England

Richard Brett, London, England (P552)

Many thanks to Richard Brett, our new Contributing Photographer, for his lovely photo!

Richard comments, “I saw a post about the Foundation – and its work – on Linked In from a former colleague.  This seemed to me to be a very worthwhile cause and so I provided a photo to the foundation, because I think the work they are doing is inspiring.

We live in a beautiful world and to see nature in all its glory can be a deeply spiritual experience.  When you are in hospital, you need to feel uplifted and inspired. Photographs of the natural world can help and I hope that, in some small way, I can contribute to people feeling that way.

Working with Elaine to provide a photo was very enjoyable. She made it all very easy and I would certainly recommend – and encourage – other people to do the same.”