P525 Randall Fountain, Arkansas USA

Randall Fountain, Arkansas USA (P525)

Many thanks to our new Contributing Photographer, Randall Fountain, for his most amazing photo!

Randall comments, “I immediately felt my life had more meaning when I found Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals and got to talk with Elaine Poggi (Founder & President).  For years I wanted to create more meaning in my art. It has helped me when I was going through tough periods in my life as I got to go out into nature and experience some of the most beautiful sights. That’s where photography came in because I wanted to share the beauty of life with others so that they may experience a breath of fresh air during turbulent times.
Seeing how much it did for me during those periods, I thought about the people that don’t have much access to it that need it the most. After researching, I found this foundation that does exactly that by providing photos to Hospitals. A very well thought out vision that is driven towards helping others in that way. By choosing this step and getting to connect with Elaine, the Foundation, and others around the world through what I capture, I feel as if I am finding meaning again.
I feel that photos of nature can help soothe and calm the mind to allow the body to focus more energy towards itself where it is needed the most. Thus reducing anxiety, calmer rhythmic breathing, and a more balanced heart rate. Most people in a Hospital setting where there are walls around them are often blank with nothing to take focus on except the thoughts in their mind.
And talking to people that have been in a Hospital, the overall feeling and thoughts was “I am sick” but we can help change that by changing the environment even if it is helping a little. Maybe through being struck by an image that changes the feelings they have more to “I am healing.” That to me is leaps and bounds and the power of what art can do.
I hope anyone reading this can take the time to check out the Foundation and all of the other amazing artists and staff members that donated their time, energy, and art to make it possible. There are a lot of ways you can contribute even getting a local hospital by you to hang up pieces of art in which the Foundation can help.”