P580 Nicolo' Petrocchi, Lucca, Italy

Nicolo’ Petrocchi, Lucca, Italy (P580)

Welcome to our new Contributing Photographer, Nicolo’ Petrocchi!

Nicolo’ comments, “As a high school student passionate about photography, I saw my passions for nature and photography embodied by the Healing Photo Art Foundation’s mission. Elaine and I personally met to discuss the possibility of me becoming a contributing photographer. Having submitted my photos, officially becoming a contributing photographer and presenting the foundation to my school was not the best part. My favorite thing is being overwhelmed with joy every time Elaine tells me about my pictures being requested and patients telling her how much they like my photos. This foundation is something different, unprecedented in its mission and obliging with the community, especially with those people in physical or mental agony who need to find relief and, what better way than to let them experience the beauty and colors of our Earth through their own eyes?”