P524 Natalie Birnbaum, Georgia USA

Natalie Birnbaum, Georgia USA (P524)

Enjoy this colorful Dahlia photographed by our new Contributing Photographer, Natalie Birnbaum!

Natalie comments, “I took up photography as a hobby about 10 years ago after I retired from working in public health. When I am out capturing even a small part of nature’s abundant beauty, I notice all my worries disappear. Realizing how uplifting and peaceful it is to be out photographing nature and reflecting on my experiences in healthcare, I often wondered if there was a way to use my photography as a healing art. I recently did an internet search and discovered that the Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals is doing just that! This special non-profit organization brings the healing power of nature to hospitals by sending them photo art to display on their walls and in patients’ rooms. I thought it was such a wonderful idea. Elaine Poggi, the Foundation’s founder and president, is a nature photographer herself. She uses her own photos and also relies on those donated by other photographers from around the world. It seemed like the perfect place for my nature photography. I contacted her to see if she was interested in my flower photos. Elaine was so responsive and easy to work with. She immediately replied to my email. I was thrilled she liked my photos and wanted to add one of them to the Foundation’s gallery. The process she created for sending her my photo was incredibly easy. I was surprised that my flower photo was in her gallery in just a few days. I’d be so honored if my photograph found a home in a hospital anywhere in the world. Especially if it lifted the spirits of the hospital’s patients, visitors, and staff. If you know anyone who photographs nature or beautiful locations, tell them to contact Elaine to donate their work and to check out her website to find out more about this extraordinary Foundation (https://healingphotoart.org).”