P506 Michael P. Doyle, Colorado USA

Michael P. Doyle, Colorado USA (P506)

Welcome to our new Contributing Photographer Michael P. Doyle from South Carolina. Michael comments, “A friend introduced me to Elaine Poggi, Founder and President of The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals. Elaine throughly went over what this amazing organization does. She contacted me about sending three photos for the possibility of them being displayed in a hospital somewhere in the world! I was very intrigued and was flattered when she picked one of my photos. She was so kind, helpful and very professional. I love photography and this was my first opportunity to show my photograph. Donating my first photo is exactly how I wanted to begin my profession. I owe all this to Elaine. If you want to help out a fabulous non-profit organization and you love photography please look into this foundation.”