P536 Kenneth Wagner, Belize

Kenneth Wagner, Belize (P536)

Welcome to our new Contributing Photographer, Kenneth Wagner!  Enjoy his beautiful photo, ‘Breaking Waves’!

Kenneth comments, “I found out about this organization through a dear friend. I’ve loved taking photos since a teen and could afford my first Instamatic. Work and business put most of my hobby on the back burner for years. In the last few years we finally began traveling and my love of photography was rekindled. When I learned about the possibility of sharing my passion with hospitals and maybe giving patients or their families a brighter day I couldn’t wait to submit a few photos. I’ve seen these types of photos on the walls of hospitals in St. Louis and always wondered where they came from. Now I know and will be thrilled if any of my photographs can make someone smile or make them forget their pain for just a while. At my age, giving something back to others makes me smile. Thank you Elaine and your organization for all that you do.”