P541 Gabriele Gori, Alpe Giumello, Italy

Gabriele Gori, Alpe Giumello, Italy (P541)

Enjoy this lovely photo of Gabriele Gori, our new Contributing Photographer!

Gabriele comments, “Very often I have felt disarmed in front of the condition of a sick person (a friend, a child, a grandfather) who has to face cancer, something that suddenly and radically changes your perspectives on life, and forces you to spend many hours in the hospital, with the hope that the terrible disease can be defeated. Talking with a friend of mine, who is a musician and deals with therapeutic music, I learned that even the vision of particular images can give relief to a sick person: I then discovered on the internet the Foundation and the important work done by Elaine Poggi. I immediately contacted her and after a pleasant conversation I sent her a photo. Today I am proud to know that it was printed and donated to a hospital in NY and that, I hope, it will give some patients a moment of serenity … Thank you Elaine!”