P544 David Swasko, Michigan USA

David Swasko, Michigan USA (P544)

Enjoy this lovely photo by our new Contributing Photographer, David Swasko!

David comments, ““Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love” – Mother Teresa. As part of my work a few years ago, I began searching online listings for “alternative healing modalities” in hospitals and Hospices, and discovered the “Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals”. What a pleasant (and fortuitous!) surprise. I first met Elaine Poggi, founder of the foundation, over 50 years ago. I knew back even then, she had a heart of gold and generous giving spirit. Fast forward 50 years and we have since reconnected via this incredible project. I have been amazed to learn the geographical extent, significance and meaningful impact the project has had toward fulfilling the Foundation’s goal and mission of “humanizing healthcare environments.” Hippocrates famously said, “Physicians Treat, Nature Heals”. Individually, every picture is a “small thing”, and yet it conveys each photographer’s gratitude and witness to its captured beauty…and coveys and shares to the viewer the inherent healing potential of nature. Collectively, all the “little” pictures make this project a “great thing”, by healing the heart and soul of its viewer and environments. I hope my foto contributes to that goal. I shoot mostly in a state of wonder and awe whenever in a wilderness area. I think Mother Teresa and Hippocrates would both agree that this project is preeminently from, and for, healing the heart…and that the project is in fact accomplishing “a great thing!” A true work of heArt!”