P554 Charlotte Colella, Interlaken, Switzerland

Charlotte Colella, Interlaken, Switzerland (P554)

Welcome to Charlotte Colella, our new Contributing Photographer!

Charlotte comments, “Throughout my life I always had a great appreciation for art, especially its use as a therapeutic outlet. As I entered higher education, majoring in psychology and minoring in creative arts therapy, I was able to further my interests and gain a greater perspective on how art is used as a tool to heal. I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Elaine, The Foundation for Photo/ Art in Hospitals, and to work with an art-focused nonprofit. I have really enjoyed the opportunity to share research and my own photography with others, it has been such a rewarding experience. During my time with the Foundation, Elaine’s dedication definitely stands out. Her mission of making individuals more at peace during their time in the hospital is so inspiring. Her sincerity and care for all the interns is heartwarming and has helped me feel more at home during my time studying abroad. I am looking forward to continuing my work with the foundation for the rest of my semester!”