P318 Ardis Rezba Ligman, Florida USA

Ardis Rezba Ligman, Florida USA (P318)

Many thanks to our Contributing Photographer, Ardis Rezba Ligman, for her beautiful photo!

Ardis comments, “A mutual friend of Elaine and myself suggested I submit a photo for review to Elaine for use in a hospital. It is then when I learned of the Foundation Elaine began to change the blank walls of hospital corridors to be filled with photography and change their intimidating personality to give beauty, peace, and comfort to people when they are most vulnerable walking hospital corridors. As a now retired trauma nurse, I used photography as a means to bring peace into my life beyond the chaos emergency medicine usually brings. Amateur photography has become a passion for me, to capture a special moment on paper. With our mutual friend’s encouragement, in 2015 I submitted a photo for Elaine to evaluate, it is now in three hospitals across the world. To know through this foundation you have given a part of yourself to them through your photograph . . . gave them a moment to pause . . . a moment to reevaluate . . . a moment to have peace . . . you know if even for a fleeting moment you have touched and changed someone’s life.