P511 Amelia Khan, Missouri USA

Amelia Khan, Missouri USA (P511)

Welcome to our new Contributing Photographer Amelia Khan from St. Louis, Missouri!
Amelia comments, “I first discovered the Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals when I was a student at St. Louis Community College, taking an Introduction to Human Services course. For an assignment, I had to find a nonprofit organization, conduct an interview with someone who is a part of it, and write a reflection, to get a better understanding of what they do within. I was lucky enough to meet with the founder, Elaine, and she was so kind to meet with me virtually so I could interview her to learn more about what she created. Not shortly after, she gave me the opportunity to become a contributor to the foundation and my photo has recently been posted on her sites! I am thrilled to be a part of this organization that has turned a simple idea into something spectacular around the world. Elaine and everyone else who is a part of making this foundation what it is are incredible in making it happen. I hope to meet with Elaine and other contributors to the foundation one day and continue helping to make patients in hospitals around the world feel at ease in their setting!”