P526 Amelia Holt, Vernazza, Italy

Amelia Holt, Vernazza, Italy (P526)

Many thanks to our new Contributing Photographer, Amelia Holt, for her lovely photo!

Amelia comments, “My time as an intern for the Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals was, in one word, inspirational. Elaine Poggi understands the big impact of small things, which can be seen in all of her amazing work over the past 20 years. She took a small concept, combined it with passion and perseverance, and it has positively impacted all 7 continents!  Working with Elaine taught me and my fellow interns that no dream is too small or too big to do good in the world. Often times, inspirational stories make doing good seem unattainable. However, Elaine is so down-to-earth, so her story and work show how anyone can do anything, as long as they put their heart in it.”