Presentation to 5th Graders

After asking the children about their passions, Elaine Poggi, founder and president of The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals, explained how she uses her passion of photography to help other people. Watch her present to 5th graders.

Photo of Presentation

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Kristen Macauley, Contributing Photographer

Photo by Kristen Macauley

Many thanks to our new Contributing Photographer, Kristen Macauley, for her beautiful photo taken in Antarctica!
Did you know we have photos on display in Antarctica? Learn more.

Andrew Lockwood, Contributing Photographer

Photo by Andrew Lockwood

Many thanks to Andrew Lockwood, our new Contributing Photographer, for his magnificent photo! Check out his art at

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Kaitlyn Anderson, Contributing Photographer

Photo by Kaitlyn Anderson

Welcome to our new Contributing Photographer Kaitlyn Anderson, a student at the University of Minnesota at Duluth! Kaitlyn is also interning with the Foundation this semester!

Kyogle Hospital in Australia receives photos!

Kyogle Memorial Hospital, Australia

Kyogle Memorial Hospital Displays Our Photos

A comment from the Nurse Manager at the Kyogle Memorial Hospital in Australia…
“Please find attached photographs of our Residential Aged Care facility with Healing Art photography displayed. The staff, resident, patients, relatives and friends of Kyogle Memorial Health cannot thank you enough for your generous donation of these stunning framed photographs. They have bought warmth into residential aged care with the introduction of such a variety of coloured photographs. The resident and staff worked together to determine which photos would be hung together and their placement throughout the unit.
Special thank you to Jim for organising the framed prints for Kyogle.
Kindest regards,
Melissa Ingram”
Many thanks to Contributing Photographers: Abbigailstudio, Jim Whetstone, Peter Treiber, Rick Holton, Elettra Fiumi, Nicholas Cormier, Randy Blaustein, Celine Tan, Stephanie Lagermann, Nelly Paxton, David Oppenheimer, Paulo Viegas, Dragoljub Zamurov, Arvid Bloom, Michal Voros, Tim Huges, Shanice Williams, Judita Dolezelova, Justin Rodrigue, Dorothy Berry-Lound, and Elaine Poggi.

Careggi Hospital in Florence, Italy receives photos

Our photos in Careggi Hospital

Our Photos in Careggi Hospital

Photo of Dr. Jacopo Nori’s Diagnostica Senologica Unit at Careggi Hospital in Florence, Italy.
Many thanks to Contributing Photographers: David Foster, Roberta London, Maye Schwartz, Vivian Barrios, Steven Ketscher, Brigitte Emme, Tanya Singh Tarvinder, Dolores Kiriacon, Reynaldo Brigantty, Justin Rodrigue, Bill Feigenbaum, Elizabeth Young, and Elaine Poggi.

Angelee Leppin, Contributing Photographer

Photo by Angelee Leppin

Many thanks to Angelee Leppin, our new Contributing Photographer, for her lovely photo “Crying Rose”.
Did you know this photo can be displayed in hospitals around the world? Find out how, visit The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals.

Renny McGovern, Contributing Photographer

Photo by Renny McGovern

Welcome to our new Contributing Photographer, Renny McGovern, from Arizona!
This photo can be displayed in hospitals around the world to provide comfort. Learn more about our Contributing Photographers Program.

Kerrolyn Douglas, Contributing Photographer

Photo by Kerrolyn Douglas

Photo by Kerrolyn Douglas

Many thanks to our new Contributing Photographer, Kerrolyn Douglas, from Jamaica for her lovely photo!
The Foundation This photo is one of many that has been donated to be placed in hospitals around the world.

Mark Rainey, Contributing Photographer

Photo by Mark Rainey

Photo by Mark Rainey

Enjoy this lovely photo by Mark Rainey, our new Contributing Photographer, from Georgia!
If you would like to become a Contributing Photographer, learn more about our Contributing Photographer Program.