Urbenville Hospital, Australia

Photographic Art at Urbenville Hospital

Urbenville Hospital, Australia

Urbenville Hospital Photo Project

Our photos in the Urbenville and Nimbin Hospitals, Australia… Many thanks to our Coordinator Jim Hourigan and our Contributing Photographers Jenny Keith, Reynaldo Brigantty, Domenico Vallorini, Therese Tusa, Mary Serantoni, Heather Cody, Carly Hiti, Brian Kerls, Dario Marcandalli, Pamela Rivera, Linda Menard Saros, Kylie Sharp Michell, Bill Feigenbaum, Claudia Costantino, Paolo Busato, Camilla Castagna, Marilyn Parver, Jinky Jamir-Villanueva, Denny Daniel, and David Foster.

“I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate how thankful we are for the kind donation of the prints. The prints have brightened the patient care areas, as well as the Resident’s dining area, where they have been received with gratitude.
We would be most appreciative of any future donations, and thank you most kindly for the work that you do.”
Nicole Ellevsen, Nurse Manager
Urbenville Health Service
Urbenville, Australia

If you’d like photographic art of nature scenes in your hospital or medical clinic, contact The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals.

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