David Coblitz, Contributing Photographer

Photo by David Coblitz

Many thanks to David Coblitz, our new Contributing Photographer, for donating this lovely photo to Healing Photo Art!  

Our Photos in Tanzania

Tanzania Photo Project

Arts in Medicine Project in Tanzania

“Arts In Medicine project Tanzania Director, Dr. Anicetus Cristian had the privilege of speaking at Transcultural Mental Health Conference held at Dodoma, Tanzania. ‘It is through art the silence is broken, dialogue is opened and discussion is carried to help reduce stigma in mental healthcare.’ He also displayed healing photos donated by Healing Photo Art.”

For more information on how you can get beautiful photos sent to be displayed in your hospital, contact The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals.

Stan Strembicki, Art Exhibition

Stan Strembicki Art Exhibit

Photo of Stan Strembicki

Congratulations to Healing Photo Art’s Board Member, Stan Strembicki, on his art show at the Des Lee Gallery in St. Louis, Missouri. Stan is also Professor of Art at Washington University in St. Louis.  

Kelley Jakelis, Contributing Photographer

Art for Healing in Hospitals

Photo by Kelley Jakelis

Art for Healing in Hospitals

Enjoy this lovely photo by our new Contributing Photographer, Kelley Jakelis, from North Carolina!
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Kevin Morrissey, Contributing Photographer

Nature Photography

Photo by Kevin Morrissey

Kevin Morrissey Donates to Promote Healing in Hospitals

Welcome to our new Contributing Photographer, Kevin Morrissey from Peoria, Illinois!
Kevin has graciously donated this lovely photo to The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals, a not for profit that places art where it’s need the most…in hospitals.
Learn more about Healing Photo Art.

Gwendolyn Roth, Contributing Photographer

Flower Photography

Photo by Gwendolyn Roth

Many thanks to our new Contributing Photographer, Gwendolyn Roth from Michigan, for her lovely apple blossom photo! 
Gwendolyn joined our mission to place beautiful photos in hospitals around the world to bring comfort and joy to patients, staff, and family. 
Learn more how you can be a part of our Contributing Photographers Program.

April Leffler, Contributing Photographer

Landscape Photography

Photo by April Leffler

Welcome April Leffler to Our Contributing Photographer Program

Enjoy this lovely photo by our new Contributing Photographer April Leffler from Pennsylvania!
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Phillip Roullard, Contributing Photographer

Landscape Photo Art

Photo by Phillip Roullard

Many thanks to our new Contributing Photographer, Phillip Roullard, for his amazing photo of the Jalman Meadows in Mongolia!

Dick and Rosanne LLC, Photographers

Flower Photo Art

Photo by Dick and Rosanne LLC

Flower Power

Welcome to our new Contributing Photographers, Dick and Rosanne LLC. Enjoy!

Cherine Nasri, Contributing Photographer

Hospital Art

Photo by Cherine Nasri

Healing Photo Art

Many thanks to Cherine Nastri, from Belgium, for her lovely photo!
This photo is one of many that can be displayed in hospitals around the world through the organization The Foundation of Photo/Art in Hospitals.