Phillip Roullard, Contributing Photographer

Landscape Photo Art

Photo by Phillip Roullard

Many thanks to our new Contributing Photographer, Phillip Roullard, for his amazing photo of the Jalman Meadows in Mongolia!

Dick and Rosanne LLC, Photographers

Flower Photo Art

Photo by Dick and Rosanne LLC

Flower Power

Welcome to our new Contributing Photographers, Dick and Rosanne LLC. Enjoy!

Cherine Nasri, Contributing Photographer

Hospital Art

Photo by Cherine Nasri

Healing Photo Art

Many thanks to Cherine Nastri, from Belgium, for her lovely photo!
This photo is one of many that can be displayed in hospitals around the world through the organization The Foundation of Photo/Art in Hospitals.

World Photography Day – August 19

Sunrise Over St. Louis Cathedral Basilica by Elaine Poggi

Photo by Elaine Poggi

Happy World Photography Day!
Every now and then I’m in the right place at the right time!  Sunrise over the St. Louis Cathedral Basilica, with God’s heart… by Elaine Poggi.
Did you know this picture could be displayed in hospitals around the globe? Learn about The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals.

Elaine Poggi’s presentation in Florence, Italy

Elaine Presents in Florence Italy

Presentation in Florence, Italy

Elaine Presents at SIMP

Presentation by Elaine Poggi on Healing Photo Art at the SIMP (Società Italiana di Medicina Psicosomatica) conference in Florence, Italy.

Our photos in Lismore, Australia

Staff Holding Photo Art Sent to Lismore Australia

Photo Project in Lismore, Australia

Comments from our Australian coordinator, Jim Hourigan…

“Much joy and celebration took place at Lismore Mental Unit today. The unit is an incredibly big place, three full size wards as well as three recreation wards. If you can see your way clear, another batch of photos would be gratefully accepted.”
Many thanks to our Contributing Photographers of photos shown here – Terry Pytlarz, Lisa Rodolico, Sabrina Ryan, and Michele Geiser! A total of 18 framed photos were sent.

Interns in Florence, Italy

Florence Italy Interns for Healing Photo Art

Interns in Florence, Italy

Celebrating Our Interns

Many thanks to Claire Berg and Laura Latterell for interning with Healing Photo Art this spring semester. Also pictured are interns for Savvy Event Studio. They all were part of the Accent Program in Florence, Italy.

Pamela Rivera, Contributing Photographer

Flower Photography

Photo by Pamela Rivera

Many thanks to our Contributing Photographer, Pamela Rivera, for her lovely photo which will bring serenity to many patients around the world!

Boston Foundation Grant Received!

Elaine at Art Connection Summit in Boston

Elaine Poggi presenting the Foundation at the Art Connection Summit in Boston.

Great news for the Foundation…
As a part of The Art Connection’s Expansion Program, we have received a grant for $7,500 from the Fay Slover Fund, a Donor Advised Fund of The Boston Foundation! This is the 4th year that we have received this grant and we are very grateful! This will help with the expenses of shipping our photos to hospitals around the world

Our photos in Brazil…

Our photo project in the Hospital Casa de Saude, in Santa Maria, Brazil… Many thanks to Claudio Bau Jr, a Brazilian intern in this hospital, who coordinated the project and created this video and to Katelyn Kammer, intern for the Foundation from the University of Minnesota, who edited the video –