Photo of the Week


Duluth, Minnesota by Elaine Poggi

Virginia Hospitals


Photo by Elaine Poggi

60 more photos were recently shipped to the P.F. Hospital system in Virginia.

Words from a friend…

“Elaine’s photos were hanging in the hospital where my mother spent her last days. They were so beautiful and brought a sense of peace and comfort in the midst of Mom’s struggles. After Mom passed away, I talked with Elaine about donating some of her photos to the nursing home where my father had stayed and to the hospital. Elaine was so helpful and the whole process of donating the photos helped bring peace and a sense of closure to my grieving while at the same time bringing a promise that others would now be receiving the same peace and comfort we received from them. I have been blessed many times when someone who sees the photos and who they were donated in honor of, comments to me about what a blessing the photos were to them. I smile every time I see the photos and am so thankful for Elaine’s foundation and her dedication in using her photos to bring healing and peace to all those who see them.” LMVC

The Maldives!


The Maldive Islands by Elaine Poggi

Beautiful Tuscany!


Tuscany, Italy by Elaine Poggi

New photo added to collection!

Le Cinque Terre, Italy by Elaine Poggi

Le Cinque Terre, Italy by Elaine Poggi