Photos Received – Children’s Family Services

Hospital Art

Children’s Aid and Family Services

Paramus, New Jersey.  Many thanks to Jennie Li who coordinated and funded this project for the children’s waiting room.  Thanks also to our Contributing Photographers Christina Buti, Karl Zemann, Alan Kettler, and Elaine Poggi for their lovely photos!

Honoring Lucrezia with Nature Photos

Photo by Elaine Poggi

Photo by Elaine Poggi

The dedication of the photos and plaque honoring Lucrezia Balatri was held Friday, May 24, at the San Giovanni di Dio Hospital in Florence, Italy. 28 photos were donated by the Foundation and sponsored by St. James American Episcopal Church. It was a beautiful celebration of the life of Lucrezia…


Photo by Elaine Poggi

Photo by Elaine Poggi

May the sun shine again for the people of Oklahoma and other states who have lost loved ones and all their possessions…

Children’s Aid/Family Services, New Jersey


Photo by Elaine Poggi

Many thanks to Jennie Li for coordinating and funding a photo project for this facility which provides medical care for foster care children in NJ.

Two Polish Hospitals Receive Photos

Photo by Elaine Poggi

Many thanks to Malgorzata Klafka for coordinating and funding the framing of 23 photos for the Hospicjum Milosierdzia Bozego and the Wojewodzki Szpital Specjalistyczny Jana Korczaka!  Both hospitals are in Slupsk, Poland.

Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale

Elaine Poggi was interviewed and quoted by Eric Xiao, reporter for the Yale Daily News, in his article “At Smilow, healing through art”.

“Help the Children Florence” Benefit

13 photos by Elaine Poggi were donated to the Photography Exhibition to benefit Meyer Children’s Hospital in Florence, Italy. The exhibition opens Friday, April 5, 8pm, Gingerzone, Scandicci. Help the Children Florence

Hospital in Bergamo, Italy Receives Photos

Healing Photo Art

Photo by Elaine Poggi

Our beautiful nature photos have arrived in the new hospital in Bergamo, Italy! Many thanks to Giorgio Seminati and the Associazione Oncologica Bergamasca for sponsoring the huge project.

Convention in Florence, Italy

Healing Photo Art

Photo by Enrico Conti

Elaine Poggi’s presentation at the convention “Abitare la cura” went beautifully! The Auditorium was amazing, full of doctors, nurses, hospital workers. The other speakers – architects, doctors, professors, philosophers, nurses – were very interesting. Our hope is that our nature photos and those of our Contributing Photographers can encourage healing in hospitals around the world!!

You are invited…

Elaine Poggi will be a speaker at the Convention – “Abitare la Cura”,  March 1, 2013 in Florence, Italy. The topic of the convention is how humanizing hospitals can encourage healing.  Elaine will suggest how nature art can have a beneficial effect on relieving a patient’s stress and anxiety.   Abitare La Cura