Roberta London – Contributing Photographer

Photo by Roberta London

Many thanks to Roberta London from Florida who has joined our Contributing Photographers Program!

Art Resource Directory

The Foundation has just been included in the Manhattan Arts International Art Resource Directory! Many thanks to Renee Phillips!

Hospital Receives Photos

Photo by Elaine Poggi

Our beautiful nature photos are on their way to Forest Hills Hospital in New York! Many thanks to our Contributing Photographers Sophia Jekic’, Robert Terry, Rick Otto, Sabrina L. Ryan, Dawnetta Woodruff, and J. Michael Christophre for their donated photos!

Photo Project in Masuku, Malawi

Our beautiful photos are on their way to a clinic in the Masuku Village in Malawi. Many thanks to Costa Yiannakis for coordinating this project and for all the good work that he and his family do for this village through their own nonprofit – Masuku Tree of Life!!

St. Louis Beacon Article

Bringing cheer, relieving stress

When Elaine Poggi’s mother was hospitalized at Barnes-Jewish with non-Hodgkins lymphoma 12 years ago, Poggi brought in some of her own photographs to make the room more cheerful.

“It was nice for her, it was nice for me, and the nurses and doctors also enjoyed it,” Poggi said.

After her mother’s death, Poggi launched the “Healing Photo Art” foundation, which has now placed thousands of nature photographs in 200 medical institutions on six continents. Local facilities include Barnes-Jewish, St. Anthony’s, Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital and Grace Hill Neighborhood Health Centers.

Poggi, who mostly lives in Florence, Italy, offers her own work and that of other photographers. Images from Tuscany and underwater vistas are favorites. The first 10 to 15 photos are often donated; additional photos and frames are paid for by the facility or through contributions.

In the decade since Poggi began her work, studies have shown the positive results of pleasant health-care settings, including relieving stress and even reducing chemotherapy’s negative side effects. Other research, some of which involved Poggi’s images, has documented the specific impact of landscapes and other nature scenes.

“These patients really want something on the walls, and they prefer nature,” Poggi said. “I feel like we’re on the front end of a trend.”

The Healing Power of Art

Many thanks to Renee Phillips who wrote about our work on her blog Manhattan Arts International – Celebrate The Healing Power of ART: Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals

Holiday Giving

Our photos at the Don Gnocchi Hospital in Florence, Italy

Friends of Florence! We need your help! Our beautiful new Don Gnocchi Rehabilitation Hospital needs 130 more nature photos to be placed in every corridor of the hospital to give color and warmth to the patients as they try to heal. Thank you for whatever you can give to make this possible!!

10 Years of Activity!!

Photo by Elaine Poggi

We are proud to celebrate our 10th Anniversary!! We have placed almost 3,500 photos in over 200 facilities on 6 continents! A big Thank You to all our volunteers and donors who have helped make this possible! A special thank you to our Board Members, past and present, who have dedicated their time and energy.

Dale Carlson – Photographer of the Week

Photo by Dale Carlson

Many thanks to Dale Carlson from North Carolina for donating his lovely photo to the Foundation. His photo has found a home in hospitals in Croatia, Virginia, and Florence and Bergamo in Italy.

Photo Dedication…

Christine and Cheryl Dickert

Photo dedication, at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center in Knoxville, TN, in honor of Christine Jones and Nancy Dennis. Comments by Christine Dickert, Contributing Photographer, who attended the dedication with her family, “The dedication was lovely this morning. The entire staff at Ft. Sanders were so nice & very grateful for your contribution to the hospital. The hallway where the photos have been placed is a very busy hallway with patients, guests and staff members, many of which stopped to look! Thank you again for everything, it was very special for our family.”