P510 Ava Siegle, Venice, Italy

Ava Siegle, Venice, Italy (P510)

Enjoy this “simpatico” photo our new Contributing Photographer Ava Siegle, taken in Venice, Italy! Ava interned for the Foundation in the Fall of 2021 and we thank her for helping promote our work! Ava comments, “I was an intern for Healing Photo Art while I was in Florence in Fall 2021. It was an incredible experience! I was also able to become a contributing photographer, and have one of my own photographs put up in hospitals in Uganda, Zambia, and the Philippines. Elaine was a great mentor and under her guidance I created “Animals of the World”, a video of images combined with beautiful harp music by Amy Camie. I hope that these healing sounds and sights can help some patients. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this foundation’s mission to bring healing photo art to hospitals all around the world, and I hope to work with Elaine again soon!”