Photos to Morena Valley, CA

Hospital Art

Photo by Jim Stracensky

The Riverside County Regional Medical Center recently received our lovely nature photos.
Many thanks to Contributing Photographers: Terry Pytlarz, Federico Evangelista, Dave Shaffer, Lisa Rodolico Jeanes, Dale R. Carlson, Don Paulson, Jim Stracensky, Rick Holton, Bill Paul, and Elaine Poggi!

Photos to Rhode Island Hospital

Nature Photography

Photo by Stan Strembicki

Our lovely photos have arrived at the Neuroscience ICU of the Rhode Island Hospital in Providence, RI. Many thanks to our Contributing Photographers: Paul Ranelli, Paula Visnoski, Stan Strembicki, Stephanie Sheppard, Deb Cochrane, Michele Geiser, Rick Holton, Jacqueline Barraud, Stephanie Kennedy, Pawel Prus, Anne Hoerter, and Elaine Poggi.

In The News


Una mostra fotografica nel ISPO

senologiasole24ore  Read this article found in the Tuscan Newspaper Sole 24 which talks about The Foundation’s donation to ISPO in Florence, Italy.

Congratulations, Roberta London!

Healing Photo Art for Hospitals

Photo by Roberta London

Congratulations to our Contributing Photographer, Roberta London, for her many art awards. Here is a link to an article on her latest award…

ISPO receives photos in Florence, Italy.

Ispo cambia look nei corridoi e negli ambulatori della struttura arrivano fotografie di paesaggi e panorami.

Careggi Hospital, Florence, Italy, Receives Photos

Flower Photo Art

Photo by Natalie Sey, from Limassol, Cyprus

Photos were delivered today to the Radiotherapy Unit at Careggi Hospital in Florence, Italy!
Many thanks to Contributing Photographers Natalie Sey from Cyprus, Jeff Seldomridge from Washington, Stephanie Sheppard from California, Rick Holton from Missouri, Lotsie Hermann Holton from Missouri, M.P.A Sheaffer from New York, Lauri Novak from Illinois, Jodi Cox from Illinois, Sergio Alessi from Florence, Italy, and Elaine Poggi from Florence, Italy.
We hope these nature photos bring smiles to the patients and staff at Careggi Hospital.

Beautiful Florence!

Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy. Photo by Elaine Poggi.

This is a beautiful shot of Florence, Italy taken by Elaine Poggi, Founder of  The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals, a non-profit organization that places beautiful nature photos in hospitals worldwide to help patient’s heal during difficult times and hospital stays.

Photographers in Tuscany!

Elaine Poggi, The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals

Elaine, Stan, and Rosemary in Montichiello

Elaine Poggi photographing near Pienza with her St. Louis friends, Stan and Rosemary Strembicki! Stan is also one of our Contributing Photographers
View photo art from the contributing photographers of The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals, a not for profit organization whose mission is to place beautiful nature photo art in hospitals around the world to help patients heal.

Welcome to Pawel Prus, Photographer

Hospital Art by Pawel Prus

Photo by Pawel Prus

Welcome to our new Contributing Photographer, Pawel Prus, from Farnborough, England.  Check out his dog photography at
For more information on The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals, a not for profit that places nature photo art in hospitals around the world, visit

Marian Antry, Contributing Photographer!

Flower Photography for Hospitals

Photo by Marian Antry

Welcome Marian Antry, our new Contributing Photographer from St. Louis, Missouri. Here is her lovely Iris photo, taken at the Missouri Botanical Garden.
Learn more about The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals, a not for profit organization that places nature photo art in hospitals worldwide.