Therese Tusa, Contributing Photographer

Photo by Therese Tusa

Photo by Therese Tusa

Many thanks to Therese Tusa, our new Contributing Photographer, for her lovely purple water lily!

Domenico Vallorini, Contributing Photographer

Photo by Domenico Vallorini

Photo by Domenico Vallorini

Welcome Domenico Vallorini, our new Contributing Photographer! Enjoy his lovely photo taken in Grado, Italy.

Shanice Williams, Contributing Photographer

Photo by Shanice Williams

Photo by Shanice Williams

Enjoy this photo of Fiesole, Italy by our new Contributing Photographer, Shanice Williams!

Tim Huges, Contributing Photographer

Photo by Tim Hughes

Photo by Tim Hughes

Many thanks to Tim Hughes from Switzerland for his magnificent photo of a swan landing on Lake Geneva, Switzerland!

Reynaldo Brigantty, Contributing Photographer

Photo by Reynaldo Brigantty

Photo by Reynaldo Brigantty

Welcome to Reynaldo Brigantty from New York, our new Contributing Photographer. Enjoy his amazing photo!

Jenny Keith, Contributing Photographer

Sea Turtle Photo by Jenny Keith

Photo by Jenny Keith

Many thanks to Jenny Keith from the US Virgin Islands for her lovely photo of a sea turtle!
This photo has the potential to bring joy and comfort to patients in hospitals worldwide. Want to know why? Visit The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals.
It’s a part of our hospital art photography gallery.

Dolores Kiriacon, Contributing Photographer

Flower photo by Dolores Kiriacon

Photo by Dolores Kiriacon

Enjoy Dolores Kiriacon’s colorful photo of a flower from the Poinciana Tree in Florida!
Dolores is a part of our contributing photographer program. Learn more about how this photo can be displayed in hospitals worldwide to help patients heal by visiting The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals.

Arvid J. Bloom, Contributing Photographer

Lily Pads at Longwood Garden by Arvid J. Bloom

Photo by Arvid J. Bloom

Welcome to Arvid J. Bloom of Pennsylvania, our new Contributing Photographer. Enjoy the Water Lily Pads taken at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania.
This photo can be displayed in hospitals around the world to help bring comfort to patients through The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals.
Learn more about photo art donation.

Draboljub Zamurovic, Photographer

Drina Cottage by Dragoljub Zamurovic

Photo by Dragoljub Zamurovic

Many thanks to our new Contributing Photographer from Belgrade, Serbia – Dragoljub Zamurovic – for his unique photo of the Drina Cottage on the Drina River in Serbia!
This photo along with many more have been donated to The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals, and has a chance to be displayed on hospital walls to help bring comfort to patients.

Our photos in Florence, Italy!

Photos by Donella Posarelli and Ovidio Guaita

Photos by Donella Posarelli and Ovidio Guaita

Our photos are now in the SERT facility in Florence where people with addictions are treated. Many thanks to Contributing Photographers, Armando Domenico Ferrari, Ovidio Guaita, Daniel Badhwa, Sergio Alessi, Milena De Matteis, Michele Rallo, Dana Chartan, KasMone’ Williams, Josh Berendes, Massimo Fersini, Donella Posarelli, Bonner Williams, and Elaine Poggi.
If you would like to see nature photography on your hospitals walls, contact us today!