Welcome Photographer Jodie Wishney!

Photo by Jodie Wishney

Photo by Jodie Wishney

Welcome to Jodie Wishney from New Jersey – our new Contributing Photographer!

Welcome Katherine Dodson!

Photo by Katherine Dodson

Photo by Katherine Dodson

Many thanks to Katherine Dodson, our new Contributing Photographer, for her colorful photo!
This photo can be placed in hospitals worldwide through an organization called The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals.
Learn more about our mission of making hospitals a more colorful and happy place!

Welcome Michael D. Zuccato, Jr.

Photo by Michael D. Zuccato, Jr.

Photo by Michael D. Zuccato, Jr.

Enjoy this lovely photo by our new Contributing Photographer from New Jersey, photographer, Michael D. Zuccato, Jr.!
This photographic art can be donated to a hospital to bring warmth, joy and comfort to the patients, staff and families.

Massimo Fersini – Contributing Photographer

Photo by Massimo Fersini

Photo by Massimo Fersini

Many thanks to Contributing Photographer, Massimo Fersini, from Milan, Italy for his beautiful photo of Lecco, Italy!
Massimo is a part of our contributing photographers program. In this program, photographers donate their beautiful photos to The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals , a not-for-profit that places beautiful nature photos in hospitals worldwide to help patients heal and create a warmer atmosphere.
Photos, like this one, are then picked by the hospitals and medical facilities to be displayed.
Learn more about our mission.

Dominikii Coleman – New Photographer

Photo by Dominikii Coleman

Photo by Dominikii Coleman

Dear Elaine,
“My name is Dominikii Coleman. I’ve always wanted to give back to the community in a special way, through my photography. Before my father passed away at the age of 83, he was subjected to hospitalization and many nursing homes. The one thing I noticed about these facilities was the lack of color and vibrancy. My father loved gardening and enjoyed the peacefulness of nature. So the photo that I am submitting to you is for him and everyone that can benefit from it. It’s great to see that you all are sharing these beautiful photos to so many individuals in need and I would love to be a part of the journey.”
The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals places beautiful nature photos in hospitals worldwide to bring color and warmth to sterile hospital walls.
If you would like to donate to our cause, please contact us.

Welcome Len and Pat De Visser

Photo by Len and Pat De Visser

Photo by Len and Pat De Visser

Our new Contributing Photographers, Len and Pat De Visser, from Michigan, have captured an amazing sunset called “Rippling Waters”.
This photo has been donated to The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals, an organization that places photographic nature art in hospitals worldwide.
If you would like to display this photo in your hospital, contact us today.

Art Aids in Healing Process

Art for Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital

Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital in St. Louis, MO

Thank you, Renee Phillips, for posting a wonderful article about the Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals on your new website, “Art in Hospitals Aids in Healing Process – The Healing Power of ART and ARTISTS.
The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals is a non-profit organization, that places nature photos in hospitals worldwide. We hope our photos bring hope to the patients, their families and the medical staff.

AmazonSmile Foundation


When you shop at AmazonSmile and use our AmazonSmile Link, Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price to The Foundation for Photo Art in Hospitals, Inc, an organization that places photo art in hospitals around the world to provide hope and comfort to patients, their families, visitors and staff in the hospital.

We want to encourage healing through art.

Bookmark this link, http://smile.amazon.com/ch/76-0720368, and support our mission every time you shop AmazonSmile!     

We Thank you!

Photos sent to Virginia Hospitals!

P144 - Christina Ho

Photo by Christina Ho

Our nature photos have been sent to PF Hospitals in Virginia. Many thanks to Contributing Photographers: Christina Ho, Ernesto Rodriguez, Shelley Gibbins, Mark Wagner, and Elaine Poggi for donating their lovely photos.
Learn  more about The Foundation, a non-for-profit organization that donates art to hospitals worldwide.

Alex Cassels – Contributing Photographer!

P287 - Alex Cassels.2 - Water Garden 2, Giverny

Photo by Alex Cassels

Welcome to our new Contributing Photographer from Taverny, France – Alex Cassels!
View all of the nature photos that were donated to provide warmth and comfort to hospitals worldwide in our Contributing Photographers Photo Gallery.